Looks like you’re having a terrible experience due to Yahoo mail not working properly on iPhone Mail App!!

It’s isn’t that surprising as many users encounter with several problems coming across during iPhone mail App sync with Yahoo email accounts.

As terrible mail sync errors might be troubling you, it sometimes becomes quite frustrating for anyone and you are no exception to it. You cannot be blamed for this as the technical problems sometimes do not allow user’s Yahoo mail account properly Synced with iPhone.


5 Core Reasons Why Yahoo Mail Account is Not Working Properly on iPhone?

  • iPhone Mail App not working properly due to the upgrade of iOS version.
  • Yahoo mail server not responding due to outage issues.
  • SMTP status is seen as disabled in Yahoo mail server.
  • Someone has unauthorized access to your Yahoo account.
  • Yahoo account not configured properly in iPhone Mail App.

(If you’re in a real hurry to get instant solution for this problem, then let’s jump you to the appropriate section for the proper working of Yahoo Mail in iPhone Mail App)

Errors That Do Not Allow Yahoo Mail Work Properly on iPhone

Now as if you are aware of the potential reasons behind the indecorous working of Yahoo mail on iPhone, it’s quite vital for us to unveil the errors that occur while syncing Yahoo account in an iOS device.

  • iOS 10 won’t sync email older than 2 months.
  • Yahoo mail syncing issues under IOS 9.0.1
  • Cannot get Yahoo mail – “the connection to the server failed”.
  • Yahoo email not working in mail app with iOS 11.
  • The connection to the server “apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com” on port 993 timed out.
  • Yahoo -AT&T mail error “Cannot Get Mail – Username or Password incorrect”.
  • iOS8.0.2 iPhone and iPad won’t sync Yahoo! Contacts.
  • Error during Yahoo address sync with iPhone contact App.

“CoreDAVHTTPStatusErrorDomain 500 error”

  • Yahoo Inbox and custom folders not syncing with iPhone mail app
  • Mail no longer pushing to iOS Mail app reliably
  • iPhone iOS 10 mail app not showing emails
  • Email Push not working on iPhone with iOS 9/ iOS 10/ iOS 11
  • Error after authenticating – `We were unable to reach your mail provider. Please try again.`
  • Syncing your mailbox” doesn’t retrieve any emails after letting the app sync all night — IMAP /always/ times out
  • “Logging in to the Yahoo! IMAP server “imap.mail.yahoo.com” failed.


Possible Solutions to Fix “Yahoo Mail Not Working” Problems on iPhone.


  • In case, you aren’t able to access Yahoo account through iPhone App, then it’s better to check if other email accounts configured in the iOS device are working properly.
  • Check if any inactive Y!mail account is already reflecting in iPhone App.
  • If yes, then remove that email account from the iOS device immediately as it might be the reason behind improper functioning of Yahoo account recently added
  • If no existing Yahoo account found, then access Y! email through the web browser through PC or mobile to check if the account is blocked or suspended.
  • Once Yahoo account is found enabled or active, just confirm its status by sending and receiving a test message to and from other email accounts.
  • As if all tests come out positive and Y! Mail account is completely fine, just unlock your iPhone and check if messages are sent and received properly through Y!App installed on the iOS device.


Once all features are seen functioning properly through Yahoo App used in iPhone device and problems with IOS Mail App still persists, the following steps need to be adopted.


1. Delete the Yahoo Account from iPhone Mail App by following a defined procedure as mentioned below:

a) Navigate to the home screen of iPhone device and Tap on ‘Settings’ gear icon.

b) Tap on Mail and then Accounts to choose the Yahoo mail account.

c) At the bottom of the screen, tap on Delete Account.

d) Deleting the Yahoo account from iPhone Mail App, will flash an alert message to remove contacts, calendars, and reminders.

e) Tap on ‘Delete’ to remove the Yahoo account as per the requirement.


2. Once Yahoo account is successfully deleted from iPhone Mail App, it’s time to setup and configure Y! account again in the same IOS device through the different techniques to fix Yahoo mail not working issues on iPhone with latest iOS version:


Method 1: Re-Add Yahoo Account on iPhone Using Automated iOS setup.

Here are the steps to be implemented for comprehensive resolution of Yahoo mail problems on iPhone fixed at the earliest:

a) Tap on the home screen of iPhone device and look for settings App has seen in gear icon.

b) Tap on it and look for accounts and password option.

c) Tap on it once found and do the same once ‘Add account’ option is found.

d) Yahoo Mail icon is reflected on the screen upon tapping ‘Add account’.

e) Tap on it and enter the essential information like complete email address and password.

f) Tap on Sign-in to configure Yahoo account in iPhone Mail App.

g) Finally, tap save button to make the changes effective.


Method 2: How to Add Yahoo Mail Account Manually using IMAP settings

a) Unlock iPhone device and Tap setting icon.

b) Tap on Account and Password

c) Do the same upon finding the option ‘Add Account’ and Tap on Other

d) Provide the authentic Yahoo email address and password and Tap next

e) Enter the IMAP settings detail as mentioned below for incoming and outgoing server

    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

     Server – imap.mail.yahoo.com

     Port – 993

     Requires SSL – Yes

    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

     Server – smtp.mail.yahoo.com

     Port – 465 or 587

     Requires SSL –Yes

     Requires authentication –Yes

    Your login info

     Email address – Your full email address (name@domain.com)

     Password – Your account’s password

     Requires authentication –Yes

f) Do make sure that “use SSL ” is ON as well as server port is 465 or 587

g) Finally, Tap on ‘Done’ successfully setup and configure Yahoo account in iPhone Mail


Wrapping Up with a Brief Insight.

Implementing the procedure to fix ‘Yahoo mail not working problems on iPhone’  is a bit technical process as it’s not an easy cakewalk for anyone. Users; in the mainstream, lacking skills and knowledge may find problems with setup and configuration of Yahoo account in iPhone with latest iOS versions.

Experts always advise to contact Apple help desk team through phone, email or chat, during the time of contingency rather than making the issues more complex.

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