Recover Deleted Yahoo Mail Account

Are technical hiccups creating problems for you while restoring deleted Yahoo mails back in Inbox or anxiety keeps piling up every now and then upon you because of failure to recover permanently deleted messages from Yahoo mail account.

Indeed no need to worry as certain strategies can definitely offer you a helping hand if the certain procedures are implemented carefully without any hurdles…

Before restoring the Yahoo emails back from trash or recovering the permanently deleted emails from Yahoo mail server, let’s make you clear that the steps of both the process are completely distinct. Don’t get confused amidst them and understand the steps rather than executing them in a hastiness.

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Steps to Restore Yahoo Deleted Mails from the Trash or Archive


  • Access Yahoo mail account of which you need to recover or restore deleted email messages.

Step 1

  • Upon doing it successfully, navigate to the trash folder if you want to restore deleted emails back to the specific folder. Click on it

Step 2

  • Select the important emails that are supposed to be moved from the trash to a specific folder.

Step 3

  • Take your mouse to the down-arrow icon alongside ‘Move’ in the menu bar and click on the specific folder in which the selected emails are supposed to be moved. For e.g. Inbox

Step 4

  • In case, you do not find the important emails in the trash folder, there is a possibility that those messages might have been archived.
  • Navigate to ‘Archive’ folder and find if the important emails were actually archived by you some days back. If yes, then select those messages and click on ‘restore to Inbox’ where they belonged to.

Step 5

In case it’s more than a month, then you cannot restore those deleted Yahoo mails. Y! Mail server, by default; empties the trash and spam folder to keep the email account clean and tidy.


Act Fast and Report to Yahoo

It’s a high time when you should act fast and recover lost Yahoo emails back that have been automatically deleted.

There is a possibility of restoring Yahoo mail account to a previous state if you have any idea to recover lost or permanently deleted email messages that cannot be seen stored anywhere in the trash, archive or spam folder.

If not, then certain steps are available to recover Yahoo deleted messages. But, do consider the following things before moving ahead to execute the steps of deleted or lost Yahoo mails recovery

  • Request to restore deleted messages cannot be revoked or canceled.
  • No Guarantee of successful restoration.
  • Yahoo messages can be recovered within 7 days in case they’re accidentally or intentionally deleted.



How to Recover Lost or Permanently Deleted Yahoo Mails?

  • Take a proper backup of Yahoo mail by downloading all the messages received till date. Forwarding the important messages to another email account, can also work for you.

Tips to take Backup of Yahoo mails

  1. Take a print copy of every email.
  2. Forward every single inbox message to other email account
  3. Best option : Setup and configure Yahoo account in Outlook or Thunderbird


Once the web page is opened successfully, you are supposed to email a Yahoo

specialist to request the recovery of lost or permanently deleted Yahoo messages.

YPD Image 1

  • Describe the problem by choosing the option “Mail: Accidentally deleted messages on webmail”.
  • Also, provide the information like “When you last saw the permanently deleted or lost Yahoo mails” by clicking on the drop down options to provide accurate info.
  • Provide the complete Yahoo email id from which messages have been lost or deleted.
  • At the end, provide the email address where Yahoo help customer service experts can contact you.
  • Then, tick on the check box to confirm ‘you’re not a robot’.
  • Now your form will look like this-

YPD Final

  • Finally, press the button “Create Request” to start the process of recovering permanently deleted or lost Yahoo Mails.

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