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Since its inception, Instagram has made long strides, as far as capturing the imagination of the users are concerned. The app is quite popular and seems to be trending, these days. It started as a social network, where people got a chance to upload photos, videos and stories with friends and followers on Instagram.

Instagram offers the right environment and the platform for the content uploaders and influencer’s the ability to reach out. By now, it is quite common to see celebrities from the entertainment and sports backgrounds having a massive fan-following.

Now, here’s the real deal.

You may want to know – What is IGTV on Instagram?

Well, here’s the answer.

Keeping in mind the changing trends and the demand of the users, the Facebook-owned app has come up with something new. It is obvious to you that videos do have a unique appeal. At the same time, the videos posted on Instagram have a strict run time limit of 1 minute or less.

Instagram has come up with a whole new app called IGTV. It has been so designed that users are now capable of watching videos that stretch for an hour. IGTV standalone app makes it convenient for the users to watch vertical videos in full-screen mode. By and large, the experience will be something new and unique. Besides, the aim here is to provide the users with a platform, where they can watch videos, without much of any trepidation.


Prominent Features of Instagram IGTV

IGTV, so to speak is different in many ways. The app is loaded with features that can be best termed progressive. Some of the prominent IGTV Instagram features are top-notch and belie the conventional norms. Here’s a few of them.

  • The app is built in a manner, where you can use the smartphone to watch videos in full-screen mode.
  • Say goodbye to one-minute videos. Instead, you can use IGTV to watch videos that can go up to one hour.
  • Moreover, IGTV starts playing automatically once you open the app. You are not anymore required to search the content.
  • Depending on your preference, you can swipe up to find more.
  • Other than these, you can also comment, send videos to friends in direct.


How to Use IGTV?

You are now familiar with IGTV on Instagram is all about and that of its features. But one vital question still remains. Do you have any inkling of how to use IGTV? To be fair, it is frankly simple.

If you are having an Instagram account and do have the updated app installed on the smartphone, then using the IGTV app is never going to be a problem.

To access the IGTV app, you just need to follow the instructions listed below.

  • Open the app on your smartphone. Now, look for the orange colored TV icon that appears in the top hand right corner.
  • When you press on the TV icon, it will then directly take you to IGTV, wherein you can watch the videos uploaded by the people you follow, as well as those from the popular contributors.


What does it take to upload videos on IGTV?

upload videos on IGTV
Being active on Instagram and having watched the videos of your followers, you will surely want to upload videos on IGTV. When it comes to sharing your own content, you have to follow a set of procedures.

  • Go to the Instagram app and proceed towards the IGTV.
  • Click on the cog icon, so as to add a new video to IGTV.
  • From your camera roll- select a vertical video.
  • Come up with a unique title and description. To make the video more relevant, add some keywords.
  • Last but not the least- add a cover photo to go with your IGTV channel.

Judging by the steps mentioned above, it doesn’t look like you will face any major issue while trying to upload your own content to IGTV.


How can you create IGTV channel?

Right before, uploading a video on IGTV, it becomes necessary to have your own channel. To create IGTV channel, you are merely reburied to follow a series of simple steps.

  • Log into the IGTV app.
  • Now just tap on the settings gear icon in the right-hand corner.
  • Tap on the option- Create Channel.

Once you are done, it becomes easy for you to upload videos on IGTV.


Is IGTV  app available for Android and iOS?

You are bound to have questions such as – How to get IGTV on Android? This usually comes up, when you are using an Android-based smartphone.

In a similar note, you are bound to ask questions like- how to get IGTV on iPhone? In both the scenarios, the process involved is very simple. You can easily get the standalone app from Google Play or iTunes App store.


Final Remarks

IGTV  on Instagram has got tremendous potential. It is bound to have a profound impact on the users. The fact that it is also a standalone app makes for the great viewing experience, which will no doubt create opportunities for influencer’s and normal users like. Much of the rests on speculation. Until then, you can sit back and enjoy the vertical videos with absolute ease.

Instagram has launched- IGTV, a standalone app, wherein you can upload videos, without having to face too many constraints. The app comes loaded with plenty of features,  which are rather easy to use and operate. IGTV lets you do a lot of things. If you wish to know more, visit;-

Meanwhile, if something does come up, then to be on the safer side, you can ask for help by getting in touch with the Instagram live chat support team.

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