It’s actually surprising to see Instagram not allowing the user to upload photos from PC. To be frank, there is no such option available for users accessing the Instagram app on the latest Windows OS device. In most of the cases, they do not have any idea; how to post to Instagram from PC.

That’s actually frustrating for users; who have taken photos or videos of wildlife or a scenic view from a DSLR camera rather than using the Android or iOS smartphone device. These media files need some editing, which is only possible through the software installed on the desktop. The necessary changes in the photos or videos can be made upon saving the same on PC or Mac.

Instagram has not offered any provision to post or upload photos through the official website. On top of that, Apple users are not provided with the social media app on their Mac device. Due to this, they are completely ignorant about how to post on Instagram from Mac.

Any Addon Required for Instagram App to Work on Desktop or Mac

Thankfully, we can say there is a possibility that Instagram app will work the same way on desktop and Mac. But, there are certain conditions that need to have adhered properly.

Let’s start by taking one device at a time…


Steps to Install Bluestack  App Player on PC or Laptop Device

As Instagram has surpassed Facebook in terms of popularity and convenience, users generally want to access the same on the laptop or desktop device. Though many people keep asking how to post on Instagram from Laptop, they need to install an add-on application on the device to make things work as per their requirement.

Microsoft launched an add-on extension for the users in 2016 so as to help them access the social site and perform necessary activities like uploading images or videos to Instagram App. As expected, there is a twist in the tale. This add-on extension is compatible with a device having Windows 8 and 10 OS. Just install the Instagram Apps for PC and upload the images with ease.

As if you’re having Windows 7 or older versions like Vista or XP installed in your PC device, there’s nothing to worry as the other emulator in the form of Bluestack App Player can be quite effective as it can also be perfect answer to the question “how to upload photos to Instagram from desktop” of which users generally keep looking for the solutions on web.

Here are the essential steps to install Bluestack App player for the proper functioning of Instagram on PC / Laptop device. This is a free Android emulator that actually enables the functionality to upload photos on Instagram from desktop or laptop device.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks App player through Google Play store. Wait for few minutes until the engine starts for the first time. The tutorial page come on the screen, which can be closed by clicking on the ‘cross’ icon at the top right corner. Do make sure that correct language is selected as there is no option to change the same after the application is installed successfully on the device.
  2. Upon successful installation, login into the Bluestack App using the Google account details. Click on ‘OK’ button if you agree to its terms and services.
  3. There are certain numbers of checkbox that can be ignored if you’re using Bluestack app player for uploading images and videos on Instagram from desktop or laptop device.
  4. Now install the latest version of the Instagram app on a mobile device. Do remember, you select the official app. The app will request access to contacts and locations. Click on ‘Accept’ , if things seem OK with you. Once Instagram app reflects in My App tab, click on it only once to launch the interface.
  5.  Now click on the + icon at the bottom of the interface and select the option “Gallery”. Click on its drop-down menu at the top left and select Other
  6. Click the option “Pick from Windows”. Find the photo that you need to upload and click on ‘Open’.
  7. Just crop the photo as well as add filters and captions to the same before sharing it with your followers through the social network sites.

Though these steps can easily be followed to upload photos on Instagram from your PC, you can also use Instapic that can also be helpful to perform the same activities without any hassle. As  Bluestack is considered reliable amongst all apps. Instagram technical support can be contacted in minutes dialing toll-free helpline number to get rid of troublesome issues while performing activities using Bluestack.


Steps to Install Bluestack App Player on Mac

These below-mentioned steps will actually help users, install the Bluestacks Android emulator on their device and eventually let them gain knowledge regarding how to upload photos to Instagram from Mac.

  1.  Open a Safari browser on Mac and type the URL to download the Mac package.
  2.  Once the file gets downloaded in .dmg format, double-click on it
  3.  Drag the Bluestack icon in the application folder.
  4.  As the Bluestack is installed successfully, launch it on the screen by clicking it.
  5.  Once the app screen is displayed, wait for a while until the Instagram app is reflected in the list
  6.  Even if you see the Instagram app, do make a note that this app is not installed in the Bluestacks emulator.
  7. Just click on it and you will find the same getting installed on the Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  8. The time Instagram gets installed on the emulator, just click on it to launch.
  9. Once launched, you can perform the necessary activities like uploading photos or videos to the Instagram profile to make it look more fascinating and professional.


Apart from Bluestacks, Flume can also be used as it is an effective third-party app that can help you upload photos as well as videos on Instagram.

Technical problems do occur anytime. You may face general or complex issues whenever required. Problems can also come up while installing Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC or Mac device. Timely assistance can be expected from the qualified experts at Instagram customer support through the live chat or phone to fix recurring issues in quicktime.

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