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Are you really thinking to unlock iCloud account on a sudden basis as it is delaying a lot to get essential tasks completed on time? Is using iCloud lock removal tool the only option left to get the iOS device unleashed from the security code in minutes?

With happiness getting unleashed on your face if someone closer to you; gifted a second-hand iPhone device, has vanished to sudden sorrow or grief signs with the locked iCloud account, it can be a tough task to get the things settled in your favor. The iPhone owner prior to you has an exclusive authority to get iPhone device locked to the iCloud account. Without unlocking the iCloud account, you will not be able to login into the Apple iOS device even though a huge amount has been paid to purchase iPhone 6 or the previous versions of smartphone device, manufactured by Apple Inc.

As you might be getting prompts to enter iCloud login details of the previous owner to get access of iPhone device, it can be an annoying scenario for you as it is really not possible to find out the previous user.

“Had the iCloud lock gotten unleashed easily, if the previous user was your friend or the known one. But the probability of getting iPhone 6 iCloud unlock password, would have been quite low during that scenario as well because no one even well-known to you, would be a bigger fool that he/she be divulging the iCloud account password for helping you gain access to iPhone device at ease.”

The only way left for you is to remove the iCloud lock on a sudden basis that can only be possible through iPhone iCloud unlock software. With several other options available to unlock iCloud on iPhone 6, you need to opt for the best one to get iPhone device unleashed successfully.  Doing this, the iOS device is set free from the shackles of previous iCloud account owner

How to Download and install iPhone iCloud Unlocker Tool?

Certain steps need to be implemented; when it comes to downloading and installing the iCloud unlock tool for using the iPhone 6 devices freely, without any kind of annoying interruptions.

  • Quick Solution to Unlock iCloud on iPhone 6

    • Unlock your iPhone Device and Go to Settings Option
    • Navigate to Wi-Fi and then click on “ i”  icon next to your Wi-Fi network with which you want to get connected.
    • Once the properties are displayed in the DNS setting, remove the existing settings and enter the new details according to your locations
      • USA:
      • Europe:
      • Asia:
      • Other Areas:
    • Tap again and go to activation help for bypassing iCloud lock code.Once you get it activated, the message is delivered “You have been successfully connected to my server”. It means that you have all rights to unlock iCloud locked code.

Before implementing these steps, you should be well aware that this above-mentioned process is a quick solution that can help to unlock iCloud iPhone 6. But it is not a permanent solution as previous iPhone device owner, can anytime wipe out your iOS device without any intimation just by entering iCloud login details. After that, this device is no more of use. It is always suggested to opt for a permanent solution on an immediate basis after unlocking iCloud locked iPhone 6 device using quick solutions and keep accessing the iPhone device without any hurdle.

  • Permanent Solution to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone 6 Device

After implementing the quick solution,  you will get accessibility of iPhone device by getting iCloud account unlocked.

    • Go to Menu >> Applications >> Crash. The iPhone will get reboot
    • Now opt for a specific language and country as per your geographical location
    • Once it is done, Go to the Wi-Fi settings and Tap on “i” Icon seen alongside the relevant network.
    • Now scroll down and tap again on the Menu under HTTP proxy.
    • Within the server, you will find 30 emoji icons.
    • There you find the port zone in which 15-30 characters are supposed to get listed
    • The language and country selection, along with Unlock screen keep appearing again and again. Keep sliding the unlock screen and tap on the language option until you are able to access the Home screen.

Note: By following this permanent solution to unlock iCloud iPhone lock, you can keep using the iPhone device normally. Please be aware of the thing that process of unlocking the iCloud account on iPhone 6 device far from ideal. The process of iCloud activation unlock, needs to be implemented again and again; whenever you try to make a call or access to the App like FaceTime.

  • Simple and Fast Solution to Unlock iCloud Online for Free

A simple, fast and effective method to unlock iCloud iPhone locked device online for free is to use OfficialPhoneUnlock, which is the elegant software to unlock iCloud iPhone Lock. It is a temporary process and help you access iPhone device for a particular time period until the previous account holder login into his/her iCloud account and disables the device permanently. The other software available online to bypass the functionality of the iOS device is OfficialiPhoneUnlock. As it is the quickest method to unlock, it is permanent and does no damage to the iPhone. Using this, there is no need to enter iCloud account login details.

Compatibility of Online iCloud Unlock Software (OfficialiPhoneUnlock) with Different Models of iPhone Device

OfficialiPhoneUnlock software can unlock different models of iOS device such as 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 10, iPhone 7, 6S+, 6S, SE, 6+, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5 and iOS 4 on all modem firmware.

Features of Official iPhone Unlock Software Revealed

  • Offer assistance in iCloud Unlock iPhone on a permanent basis.
  • Perform automatic carrier checking on an instant basis so that user does not purchase wrong unlock solution.
  • iCloud unlock on iPhone device work regardless of bootloader, baseband, and firmware version.

Still, in case, you are facing problems with iCloud unlocking on any of your iOS device, then it’s always suggested to contact tech support experts dialing iCloud customer service toll-free number to get much-needed assistance during the hour of need.

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