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Don’t you want to become an influencer on Instagram? Well, it will take a lot of hard work. There are no shortcuts either. You have to persevere in order to have the badge of honor. The blue tick that you desperately want to own is not going to come easy.

The blue verification tick that you see right next to an influencer’s name, by and large, implies popularity and immense following. So, if you too want to get verified on Instagram, it can be somewhat difficult.

Instagram’s own page on verified badges states the same clearly.

“A verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram’s account name in  search and on the profile. It means that Instagram has confirmed that this is the authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

Sounds tough, isn’t it!

Given the circumstances and assuming the fact that you don’t really fall into the category of a celebrity or a brand, what will take to get the blue tick on Instagram?


What  it means to get verified on Instagram?

Verification Instagram usually means people, in general, can instantly locate the account of a celebrity or an influencer. But there’s something you have to keep in mind. Instagram will only verify individuals, who have a massive fan following and are deemed important.

As such, it doesn’t look like you will be verified by Instagram since you don’t really fall in the exclusive category.


Do You Still want to get verified on Instagram?

One particular question that keeps nagging you is – How to get verified on Instagram? The answer is simple. You have to transform yourself into a celebrity or a public figure. This isn’t going to be a happy ride.

To accentuate your personality, first of all, you need to utilize other social networking platforms, apart from Instagram. The more followers ( genuine) you have, the better it gets. In short, it allows people to find you out with more ease.

Here are a few tips that you can make use of. Start slowly and have some patience. It is not as if you are going to get verified on the same day. At best, it takes time and you need to be smart.


  1. Build Followers and Engage with them: The first and foremost task is to become a real influencer. It is essential for you to have a massive number of people wanting to follow you. At the same time, you must also give emphasis on interacting with the followers and they should engage with your posts and statuses.What you can do is to try to gain more followers by trying to reinvent yourself. Building up the desired recognition in your niche is a must.
  2. Make Use of Hashtags to Become More Visible: Perhaps the best possible way to let your post reach a wider audience is by making use of hashtags. But then, it makes sense to use hashtags in a relevant manner. Just for the sake of gaining maximum followers, it would be futile to employ hashtags, so as to gain more acceptance.Instead of bucking the trend, you have to keep an eye on what the people want. You need to have a basic strategy and with hashtags utilized in a smart manner, you have a good chance.
  3. Use Social Media Account to Cross Promote: In order to pull in the maximum number of followers,  it makes sense to utilize all your social networking accounts. You can use Facebook and Twitter with the intention to build a dedicated fan base. The basic idea is to have your followers on Facebook, YouTube and others to make the jump and join you on Instagram.Without using your online image, it would become somewhat difficult to bridge the larger divide. If you want to become an influencer of repute, it is important for you to use all the social media account, so as to cross promote.
  4. Update Your Posts When Followers are Online: For better visibility, you will want maximum followers to see your posts. As such, you must make it a point to post at times, when most of the followers are online. Naturally, there will be a great deal of competition from others. But, if you are spot on with your posts and if the followers do like it, it will then give a massive boost to your Instagram account.
  5. Customize Your Posts and Avoid Bad Practices: You are not of course required to endorse or promote any specific brand to get verified on Instagram. On the contrary, you need to personalize the post to reflect your views, so that it clearly reflects what you want to convey.

Other than these, you must refrain from doing things like buying followers. It is not much of any help. Besides, you must refrain from making spammy comments. There is no point having an Instagram account, wherein the follower shows no interest in your posts and never make any effort to engage.

Most important of all, it is for you to make sure to adhere to the community guidelines. Suffice to say, getting banned from Instagram will never look if you do want to become an influencer of repute.


Is that all?

To get the blue tick on Instagram, you must get verified first. On that front, if you keep following the steps discussed above, then one fine day, you will surely succeed. Until then, you must have the desired patience and abstain from doing anything silly.

In the meantime, if you do find the going tough, then it would seem appropriate to seek the opinion of experts. You can probably find some help by approaching the Instagram chat support team. For prompt assistance, you can always rely on the experts.

Have got anything to say on the same matter or any point that we might have missed?  Please free to provide your feedback in the section below.

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