Email support numbers is a third party technical support service provider that deals in rendering quality online services to fix problematic issues faced by email users in their personal or official mail accounts; be it is Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail accounts. The experts are available round the clock 24×7-365 days to fix any kind of errors and maintain high first-call resolution rate. Once email users feel the services provided by email support number is satisfactory, then there are some terms and conditions, users need to comply with and accept the same before making payment for the same.

Here are following terms and conditions mentioned on official website; that needs to be accepted by email users before availing services

  • Age: You must have completed 18 years of age or should be older than that to avail the services provided by
  • Termination of Services: Email Support numbers have the right to terminate the services rendered by its customers at any point of time without giving any clarification if found any kind of phishing activities going on at their end.
  • No claim for Refund: If any of our customers is found guilty using any kind of pirated software that is overwhelming the email services provided from our end, it will be completely illegal and all kind of services will be suspended from our end and the customer is not liable to claim for the refund in that case.
  • Service Accessibility: Email users need to select the service plans as per their requirement and pay the fees for the same before availing services to fix any kind of email related issues prevailing at their end.

Email Support numbers reserve the right to make modifications in the list of terms of conditions mentioned on the website The notification will be sent to all the new and existing customers at their registered email address in which it is clearly mentioned to go through the terms and conditions of Email Support numbers mentioned on its official website on regular basis.

Note:  Email Support Numbers; being the third party online technical support organization rending quality tech support services to email users for any kind of problematic issues occurring all of the sudden at their end. Names and trademarks are only used for the referential purpose and in no way it can be said that company registered with the name “Email Support Numbers” has any affiliation or association with other third party brands or organizations.

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