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Instagram; being the popular photo sharing app, is about to touch the 1 billion mark in terms of active users. But Instagram Direct is something different from this, which many users are not familiar with. Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) is actually a private messaging feature in the social app that makes things possible for subscribed Instagram users to share photos, videos or documents as well as text messages with anyone being followed by them.

Users have the tendency to delete the messages or photos that have been escalated to known ones through Instagram DM. After some time when they come to know about its importance, no option is available in front of them to recover Instagram messages.


Things to Consider While Recovering Instagram Messages

Certain points need to be remembered that can make or break the efforts of users in terms of how to recover deleted Instagram messages.

  1. Users have to make sure that they have selected the ‘Delete’ option to remove the message from Instagram DM interface. If they have done the same, there is a chance that the deleted Instagram messages can be retrieved. The recipients might be having those messages and the user can fetch the snapshots of deleted messages or photos, send to them.
  2. In case the user has tapped on the option “unsend message”, then there is no possibility that those deleted messages can be restored or recovered. Tapping on the same will remove the messages from sender’s as well as recipient’s end.

Hope, these points need to be considered on a serious note before moving ahead to recover deleted Instagram messages.


Are There Any Options to Recover Instagram Messages ?

There is nothing impossible in this world if someone has a determination to perform the task. Certain options are available to perform deleted Instagram message recovery.

Being an Instagram DM user, you can apply the tips as recommended to recover or restore deleted Instagram messages. Now, it entirely depends on the users how they utilize these options.

Here are the certain options to recover Instagram deleted messages in a feasible way:

  1. Recover Instagram Messages online on PC/Mac.
  2. Recover Instagram Messages on Android.
  3. Recover Instagram Messages on iPhone.

Let’s enumerate the process of each option, one at a time…


How to Recover Instagram Messages on PC or Mac Device?

Step 1: Provide the Instagram username or profile Url upon visiting the official Instagram message recovery website

Step 2: Upon successful login into Instagram account, Tap on the option “recover messages” to get started with the recovery process.

Step 3: Complete the procedure with human verification to authenticate that you’re not a robot. Upon doing this, you can restore or recover deleted Instagram direct messages on PC.

Step 4:  If you’re an Apple device user, follow the same procedure instead as most of the steps are same. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to recover or restore deleted Instagram direct messages on Mac.


How to Recover Instagram Messages on Android Device?

As if you’re looking for the steps to restore deleted Instagram messages on Android device, certain third-party applications are available that can be installed on the device to recover deleted Instagram messages. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Download and Install Instagram direct message recovery application on a device as per the OS compatibility.

Step 2: Select the option Android data recovery.

Step 3: Once done, get your Android phone or tab connected through USB cable. The application is quite efficient as it detects the device automatically.

Step 4:  Now choose the files types that are supposed to be recovered and click on ‘Next’ button to get started with scanning the data on Android.

Step 5:  After the scan is completed, just preview the data and select the same to perform instant recovery.


How to Recover Instagram Messages on iPhone?

Recovery of deleted Instagram messages on an iOs device is never a challenging process. All you just need to recover or restore deleted Instagram messages on iPhone by following a simple procedure enumerated below:

Step 1: Download and Install Instagram direct message recovery software on PC or Mac device

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or other iOS device with the same through USB cable.

Step 3: Now wait for few minutes until the program automatically detects the iPhone device.

Step 4: Once done, click on the option “Start scan” to scrutinize the lost files on iPhone and preview the scanned data.

Step 5: Finally, select the Instagram direct messages that need to be restored and click on ‘recover’ button to retrieve deleted Instagram messages on iPhone device.Hope, these options can help PC/Mac, Android or iPhone users to recover deleted Instagram direct messages in minutes. In case complex issues come across, contacting the Instagram customer support through toll-free phone number or live chat is the best option to get connected with qualified experts for immediate help.

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