Is iCloud Password Reset the Best Option to Regain Access to Apple Account?

Reset iCloud Password

The most common anxiety among Apple users these days is how to reset iCloud Password. Though users choose Apple iCloud webmail server to maintain their account security, but the persistent modifications in email password within a week or month can make them forget the same. As the iCloud password recovery is not a complex procedure to implement, but a person need to implement the essential strategies and procedure with absolute caution as a bit of a mistake can change the whole scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions Associated with iCloud Account Password Recovery

Some users, with less knowledge regarding Apple iCloud account password recovery, have certain questions in their mind. Being totally unaware of the iCloud reset password process, users keep looking for several solutions on the web that are associated with FAQs that keep creeping up in their mind on the web but do not get the perfect solutions as per their requirement.

  • I forgot my iCloud password and cannot access email!! What to do?
  • Is Anyone aware of the process for Apple Password Reset? Please help!!
  • Does anyone have any idea regarding How to recover the iCloud password on iPhone & iPad?
  • How to recover iCloud password with ‘My Apple ID’? I don’t remember recovery, email account details?
  • How to recover or reset iCloudpassword using two-factor authentication? My Phone number is no more active.

Reasons Why Users Find Problem during iCloud Password Reset?

  • Modifications in account password taking place every now and then.
  • A wrong Apple id being provided while executing the process of iCloud reset password.
  • Users not aware regarding how to reset iCloud Password.
  • iCloud App installed on the iOS device, not getting upgraded.
  • Forgotten answers of Security questions, prevent recovery of the iCloud password.
  • Apple iCloud password reset page not loading properly.
  • Can’t reset iCloud password due to the server outage.

Adverse Impact Upon Persistent Issues During iCloud Password Recovery

  • User unable to login into Apple iCloud account due to invalid login credentials.
  • Not able to send and receive messages.
  • Problems in modifying account settings.
  • iCloud suspended or blocked due to numerous invalid login attempts.
  • Cannot setup Apple iCloud email account in iOS and Android device.
  • Not able to create spam filters.
  • Cannot fix auto-sync issues between webmail server and iOS device.

Methods to Recover or Reset Apple iCloud Password

The above-mentioned consequences due to consistent problems during the iCloud Password recovery can be avoided if the suggested tactics or methodologies and steps are implemented in a proper manner.

 iCloud Password reset with Secondary Email Address

 Steps to Start iCloud Password Reset or Recovery with Secondary Email Address

  • Open the desired web browser of your choice by double-clicking on the application and type
  • Press enter and wait for the new web page to get displayed.
  • As the home page of the Apple iCloud webmail server is displayed, click on the link Forgot Apple ID or password?
  • A new tab opens with a web page displayed on it which asks for your Apple id.
  • Provide the authentic Apple id and type the characters in the image.
  • Once the captcha code is entered in the box, the continue button gets enabled that need to be pressed instantly to proceed ahead with the process of iCloud reset password.
  • As the button is pressed, a new web page is displayed, which provide two different options (password or security questions) to a user, who need to select the first option (my password) option amongst them to implement iCloud password recovery process in a proper manner
  • Press on the continue button once my password option is selected.
  • Once it is pressed, a new page is displayed with two options again erupt up. Choose the first option (Get an email) alongside the second question (Answer Security Questions).
  • Once the button is pressed, a message appears “Password reset email sent” and beneath that hint of the secondary email address is displayed so that users recognize the same and access same email account to perform an instant iCloud password reset.
  • Click on the done button and open secondary email address without any delay.
  • Once the inbox is accessed, a user can find a message in the inbox sent by Apple accessing which, a reset now link is seen that takes him/her to the landing page upon instant click
  • The two empty boxes are seen, asking the user to enter the new password as per the criteria mentioned below.
  • Once the password is provided in the empty space, click on the button ‘reset password’.
  • Keep patience as it takes the time to get the password validated as per the parameters that are supposed to be fulfilled during the iCloud reset password.


 iCloud Password reset by Answering the Security Questions

 Steps to start iCloud Password Reset by Answering Security Questions

  • Double-click on the web browser app installed on Windows OS or Mac OS X device
  • Once the home page of Google Chrome or Safari web browser is displayed, type in the address bar.
  • Press enter and wait for the home page of the Apple ICloud webmail server to display in which, login credentials are supposed to be entered.
  • Click on the link Forgot Apple ID or password? if you do not remember the iCloud webmail login password.
  • A new page is displayed, in which you are asked to select any one option by clicking on the radio button provided alongside.
  • Select My password option and click on the continue button again.
  • In the new web page, two new options crop up again in which you need to click on the radio button “answer security questions” and click on continue button again.
  • Now the new page appears with security question along with answers to be filled in the empty box.
  • Press the continue button and wait for validation to happen.
  • Once the answers provided for security questions are validated successfully, then a user is redirected to the new web page where new password need to be entered twice.
  • Once it is done, click on the reset password button to make the changes effective.


Are things not going in your favor as well during the iCloud Password reset? Do entangling issues in the iCloud password recovery, inhibit you while regaining the access to Apple account? If yes, then contact skilled techies any time, on the phone through authentic iCloud customer service helpline number that is available at the service 24 hrs a day to offer assistance during the hour of need.