Know How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account – Simple & Basic Steps

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

The fact that your Facebook account can be hacked almost comes like a shocker. But this is one aspect you must never ignore. Instances of hackers trying to break into Facebook are on the rise and this poses a serious question.

You might have a difficult time coming to terms with the whole situation. Despite taking the preventive measures, you failed to stop the crooks from accessing your profile. Well, under the circumstances, you are bound to look for an answer to the question- how to recover hacked Facebook account?

Retrieving or recovering a compromised account is not necessarily a difficult task. But it is equally important to know the reasons. Without understanding the reasons, you will never know how to handle or fix the crisis at hand.


Why Your Facebook Account Gets Hacked?  

The reasons behind your account getting hacked can be many. Some of them are being listed below:

  • Your account is hacked when your account details are compromised.
  • In most cases, the hackers use tactics to steal precious information. This is usually done in the form of phishing emails.
  • The basic objective is to get access to details and information that you share in your profile.

When you realize that your account has been hacked, it all comes down to finding a relevant solution. It is obvious that you have no real information about Facebook account recovery procedure. Nevertheless, there is always a way out. In the end,  what matters is your ability to identify the situation and look for a possible fix.

You are of course more interested in quick recovery. But there are exceptions and you have to be absolutely sure. The main motive is more towards preventing the hackers from getting access to any sensitive information.

The process related to the recovery of hacked Facebook account involves you to follow a set of steps. Almost everything is neatly laid out. However, the usual technical aspects do appear to make the going tough. 

What does it take to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?  

To be frank, there are several scenarios involved. Based on the circumstances, you have to look for a recovery option that suits your interest.


1. When the Facebook Password is Changed 

The scenario depicted here is very common. It usually occurs when the hacker has changed the password, but your Facebook account is still linked to your existing phone number and email address.

  • Open and straightway proceed towards Forgot Facebook password option.
  • Type in your email address or phone number in the allotted box and click on Search.
  • Once you come across the profile, you will also see the recovery email address and phone number.
  • You can select the email address or phone number and click Continue.
  • Check your mailbox if you want to receive the verification code through mail. In case, you chose the phone number, the code will be next to you.
  • Now enter the recovery continue to verify and continue.

When it is done, you can reset the password and this will help you to recover the Facebook account. 


2.Facebook Account Recovery without Email 

What if the hacker has changed the Facebook password along with associated email address? Thankfully, you can still recover the Facebook account, with the aid of the mobile number that is linked to your account.

  • Open on any browser and click on Forgot password option.
  • Type in your mobile number in the box and click Search.
  • You will then see your primary profile with recovery email address and phone number. Since you are not in a position to access your email address, select phone number and click Continue.
  • Facebook will send a recovery code to your phone number, which you are then required to enter in the relevant box.

When everything gets over, you will get an opportunity to set a new password for your hacked Facebook account.  So, the step related to Facebook password recovery without email does not appear to be that complicated. Nevertheless, you do need to have the phone number, so as to successfully complete the process. 


3. Facebook Password Recovery without Email or Phone Number 

Don’t even think for a second that the recovery process will be almost like a walk in the park. The situation can drastically change in a matter of few seconds. In fact, there will be occasions, wherein you might not have access to any of the recovery options.

You will be curious and confused as to how to recover the Facebook password without email or phone number. The truth is you can regain the password, for which you can follow the steps discussed below: 

  • Open Facebook Login page and click on “ Forgot your account or can’t log in.”
  • Fill out the form, by entering your email address, so as to identify your account.
  • Take a look at the recovery options and click on- “No longer have access to these.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and answer the questions to get some assistance from the friends.
  • Once your account is verified, the recovery instructions will be sent to an email address for resetting the password and account recovery.

This is how you can recover the Facebook password without email address or phone number.


Recommendations to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers

There are some key suggestions that you can implement, in order to secure your Facebook account. These includes:

  • Make sure never to save passwords any public device.
  • Keep an eye on your activity and ensure to log out.
  • It is better to turn on two-way verification.
  • Clean up the browser and cache files.
  • Install good antivirus products to protect yourself from malware and spyware.