Our Privacy policy reveals that Email Support Numbers is really stringent about shielding the private details of the users and services  taken from their side. The services unveil the support services owned and offered by Email Support Numbers. Acceptance of services provided from our side is an indication from your end about the acceptance of privacy policy formulated at our end.
Collection for information and its use.
Email Support Numbers will be sole owner of the information gathered by users through website or phone at regular time intervals. Assurance is given by Email Support numbers that none of the information will be passed onto third person or any other organization for any kind of use without authorization provided by customer as per the policy.
Personal Information
Email support number can require personal information anytime that help in identifying the customer or client on individual basis. In order to fetch the information from new or existing customers, contact us form need to be filled up with the required details such as first name, last name, phone number, email address and nature of problems associated with your email address. Other than this, we do not store any of your personal details related to credit card numbers, cvv and security code. Automatic subscription of services is disabled unless customers contact us to do so. There is nothing to worry as the information shared with Email Support Numbers is secured and will not be shared unless specified.

In case, customers want to make any changes in personal information, email need to be sent to us for change or update in the information. Incase users need to opt out or do not want to receive any communication newsletters from Email support numbers, an email need to be sent to us for such request. Messages and legal notices might be sent to you even if you out of the services provided from our end that is related to the services subscribed by the existing or new customer earlier.

Information Security

Email support numbers is entitled to keep all the information secured and for this range of technologies and procedures are applied to secure data or information provided by new or existing customers to the organizations. All our customers can access personal information which is maintained in a secured limited access facility. All sensitive details such as credit card information are stored in encrypted format using secured socket layer (SSL) protocol. SSL encryption is maintained in such a way that the information is unreadable to everyone including us and customers need to provided their credit card numbers to avail services and the card details cannot be fetch for automatic order placement.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is updated on timely basis. Any kind of changes in the statements listed in Privacy policy of Email support numbers might affect our usage to access our information and prominent notice on email support numbers website.