Prevent Yahoo Mail from Being Hacked

Are you actually concerned about the security of Yahoo account?

Of course, you should be; after being tethered from availing the email services due to data security breach in Yahoo mail server last year.

Suppose you wake up early in the chilling winter morning to send some important emails accessing Yahoo account and end up failing to do so.

You have made several attempts to access the email account by adopting all strategies of password recovery but nothing works out in your favor …

What exactly will be your first reaction?

Will doubts creep up in your mind if Yahoo account is hacked or not?

It’s quite natural that bad thoughts engulf your mind when nothing is going your way.

Though it’s not true in your case but to avoid such kind of scenario, it’s quite necessary to apply precautionary measures to avoid hacking of Yahoo mail account.

But before that, let’s make users clear why Yahoo account hacking has increased to a huge extent so that everyone should remember those and do not show any kind of negligence, which can prove to be quite costly for them.


  • Email account accessed from public PCs through clone website.
  • Y! login credentials being traced through the keyloggers.
  • Yahoo account accessed from the third-party applications.
  • Accessing Yahoo account using an insecure WiFi connection.
  • Sharing confidential login details on third party-forums /community.


As Yahoo mail customer service do not offer instant help of any kind due to the absence of official toll-free phone number, you have to restrict yourself by availing services from Y! Help Forum and community as well as social media podiums. They are always eager to share the confidential details like login credentials, answers to security question to get instant solution for the problems encountered at their end and sometimes get themselves engulfed in big problems in terms of Yahoo email account getting hacked.


Signs/Indications of Yahoo Account Being Hacked

In order to make users make aware that their Yahoo account is hacked/compromised, there are certain indications or signs enumerated below which they should go through and make changes accordingly to prevent theft by taking the precautionary measures:


  • Yahoo account information that includes personal details of the users have been modified
  • Login attempts made from different locations as reflecting on the recent activity page
  • Unable to receive expected messages
  • Auto-forwarding feature is seen enabled that was earlier disabled through toggle button
  • Inbox full of “Delivery failure notice” and spam messages received from unknown senders
  • Important emails from inbox being forwarded to unknown recipients as being indicated in sent folder
  • Attempts made to change secondary email address and recovery phone number as unknown details were reflecting on the security page.


As majority of email users have no idea how to prevent Yahoo account from being hacked, they generally look for expert advise in this regards. With no official Yahoo technical support number,  it adds agony to the problems, which users are currently facing in terms of offering security to email account with a fear of data loss constantly creeping in their mind.

Submitting the queries on Yahoo Help community and forums can’t help users get satisfactory resolution on a timely basis. The experts take time to provide satisfactory resolutions for the query that gets piled up in millions on a daily basis.

One can take advise from experts by posting on their problems on Yahoo official pages created on social media podium like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, but can’t expect immediate help from the certified professionals  available online.

Had official Yahoo customer care phone number been available on the web, it could have been a great help to users; who are looking for online assistance from experts.



Effective Tips to Prevent Yahoo Account from Getting Hacked

If any of such indications (mentioned above) matches your case, then it is recommended to go through the effective tips that can be quite helpful to prevent Yahoo account from getting hacked:


Logout Automatically from all Yahoo mail active sessions:

If you have noticed any unusual activity on the Y! mail account after accessing the same at the public place or on your phone through insecure network connection, then it is advised to logout from all active sessions on an immediate basis to prevent the unauthorized access from cyberpunks. Prefer avoiding access to Yahoo email account at public place.


  1. Upon accessing Yahoo mail account, go to personal info page by clicking the ‘Account info’ page.
  2. Click on recent activity tab in the left side bar of Yahoo personal info page.
  3. Now, click on logout option seen in the right side of the Yahoo mail page.
  4. Also remove all other third party apps linked with Yahoo account by clicking remove button.


Keep Changing Yahoo Password Regularly:

It’s highly recommended to Yahoo mail password on a regular basis using case sensitive characters as it can be quite handy in securing your email account to a huge extent. Prefer not using password of the internet banking or other email account for security reasons.


  1. Login into Yahoo mail and go to Account info page.
  2. Click on account security tab.
  3. Doing this, you will find change password link.
  4. You are asked to enter the login details to authenticate yourself as legitimate user.
  5. Click on it and provide old password in the first section and new password twice.
  6. Press the continue button to make changes effective.


Enable two-factor authentication for account security:

Two-factor authentication feature can prove to be a vital step in securing the Yahoo email account as the unique verification code is generated every-time and sent to your phone entering which you can have access to inbox dashboard. Do make sure , you do not disclose the codes to the unknown person.


  1. Access Yahoo account security section and look for two-step verification option
  2. Now, move the toggle button to enable the feature.
  3. Doing this, you are supposed to enter the phone number in which verification code is supposed to be received
  4. Select the correct country code and press the button ‘send SMS’
  5. Enter the code correctly that will help you enable two-factor authentication.


Activate Yahoo Account Key Feature:

Now secure your confidential data stored in inbox upon activating Yahoo account key that nullifies the importance of password that is highly prone to getting hacked. Just install updated version of Yahoo App on your smartphone device  that generates unique account key upon every access to inbox dashboard and help a great deal in maintaining data privacy.


  1. Access Yahoo account security page.
  2. Now, click on the button “Setup Yahoo Account Key”.
  3. Install Yahoo app on smartphone device and sign-in with the same id which is being accessed on web browser.
  4. Once done, go back to the web browser and press “Done, let’s try again”
  5. As you do the same, a Yahoo account key is generated
  6. Enter the same and access Yahoo email account without using legitimate password.


Truncate Spam emails:

Keep removing junk messages that get accumulated in the junk folder on a daily basis. Clicking phishy web links reflecting in the junk mails can be quite troublesome for you. Avoid clicking those messages and it would be better if you keep truncating them on a daily basis without opening any mail.


  1. Login into Yahoo email account using the legitimate sign-in credentials.
  2. As the Yahoo inbox dashboard is displayed, navigate to the left side bar and click on spam folder
  3. Click on check box to select all the spam messages and click on delete icon
  4. Doing this, alert message is displayed “ Do you really want to delete spam messages”.
  5. Click on the ‘Yes’ button to initiate the action


Change Alternate Email Address and the Recovery Phone Number:

Do not forget to change the password of existing alternate email address reflecting in the recovery options and create new email address to add the same as recovery option. Likewise the phone number reflecting on the recovery option has to be changed immediately.


  1. Access account security tab in Yahoo mail upon accessing login credentials.
  2. Click on email address section to open a rectangular pop up box in which recovery email address is already reflecting.
  3. If the alternate email address already mentioned is no more active, then click on the link “Add Recovery Email Address”.
  4. Add alternate email address and get verification code in the inbox of that specific mail account.
  5. Look for the verification code sent by Yahoo mail and enter the same in the empty box
  6. Click the verify button to get the code validated
  7. As it is done successfully, you can now remove the old recovery email address by clicking on bin icon seen alongside.
  8. Now, click on phone number section to open a pop up box overlapping the grayish screen.
  9. If the recovery phone number provided in the email address is not active anymore, enter the new contact number and get it verified by receiving text message on the device.
  10. As the verification code is received, enter the same and get it validated.
  11. Once done, it gets reflected in the recovery phon number section.
  12. Delete the old recovery phone number by clicking on bin icon and click on save button to make change effective


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