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One aspect that remains constant and consistent is – Change. As you gradually progress towards imbibing the changes, it does usher in a new era. The same concept is now applied by Google Maps, which is now poised to become a more user-friendly platform.

To cut a long story short, on 15th of November, 2017, Google announced that the much-awaited updates on its navigational tool, Google Maps has finally arrived.


So, what does the new update bring to the table?

Apart from the new color scheme, Google has updated the driving, transit and navigational maps, so as to provide the users with relevant and precise information. For instance, if you are looking for any gas stations or shopping mart in the map, then it will show up the exact results, depending on your location.

The updated color scheme along with the addition of new icons is meant to offer the users with more options when it comes to finding any particular area of interest.

Keeping in mind the user convenience, the varied categories of locations listed in the Maps from now on will appear in different color formats, like Light Blue signifies transportation, Orange for foods and drinks, Blue for shopping and so forth.

Want to get acquainted with the various color formats? Look at the infographics below.


Anything fancy- Well, there is!

The updates are not just limited to visuals alone. In fact, Google has also made a few changes, which is being done in a bid to assimilate and integrate Google Maps with other services in its platform. If there is any change that occurs in your locality, the same will be reflected on Google’s updated navigational platform.

This implies you will get real-time inputs on closed down roads, local events and business, which surely is a good piece of news. In all likelihood, the updated Maps can be integrated with Google Calendar and Gmail to display scheduled events and other location-based services.

Google Maps Updates 2018


What makes Google Maps a Key Player?

To start with, Google Maps overall functionality and user interface makes it a popular choice. Now, when you add the updates, it does bring a lot more to the table. Some Features that make Maps from Google standout are being mentioned below:

  • Helps you find the exact location.
  • Recalls and remembers the exact location where you parked the car.
  • Lets you know the best time of the day to travel or commute.
  • SOS alerts to help the users in times of duress or crisis.

There’s plenty and the list continues. Overall, the whole objective is to provide the users with options, when there is none!


Are the updates available now?

Yes. The changes and the updates being introduced are available, as of now. Almost all the Google products that employ the services of Google Maps, which includes, Earth, Search and Android Auto can access the new feature. In due course of time, the improved style will also appear in the apps, websites and the services, normally offered by companies using Google Maps API.

With so many additional features, being a user, you will certainly have some amount of expectations. That’s natural. At the same, the whole point of using Google Maps is not just about reaching “Point A to Point B.” There’s more to it.

It could be argued that Google is trying to innovate its much appreciated navigational tool, for the sake of end users. Well, amidst all the confusion, the fresh updates does seem to address a few concerns. However, it all comes with the actual user experience. Speculating about the features won’t help much.

Until then, you can only hope for the best, no matter what.

Foot Note: Experiencing any trouble, when it comes to accessing Google Maps? Well, it happens, when there is a technical error. For prompt assistance and immediate support, you can surely get in touch with the Google technical support team with the aid of a toll-free help support number.


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