Instagram is perhaps the most used image and video sharing app in the present. For a generation of people, who have access to smartphones, the definition of being cool is largely defined by the number of followers they have and how active they are on Instagram.

Of course, it is part of a culture, where the users in particular have no issues beaming their private moments into the public domain. While remaining proactive on the social network is not an issue, there are other aspects that must be taken into account.

For instance, what if one fine day you realize that you have lost the password to your Instagram account? This can happen to most of the people. Forgetting the password just shows that you are mortal too!

Naturally, your best course of action would be to reset the password on Instagram. That would be your immediate priority. However, one thing that hinders is the lack of necessary information.

Tactically, the whole thing might look a complicated procedure. But that’s not entirely true. Given the circumstances you are in, the possibility of recovering the password is rather high. It just boils down to the steps that you take. As far as the Instagram password reset procedure is concerned, there is nothing much for you to worry.


Instagram Password Reset Process – A Basic Introduction

So, you are looking for a way to reset the password of your Instagram account. To be frank, you are not necessarily required to go through a complicated procedure. However, it also boils down to the fact that you must have a proper inkling of the methodology involved.

You can reset the Instagram password using Facebook, phone number and email. Want to know more!

Here’s what you can do.


Procedure #1 Reset Instagram Password Using Facebook

  • Resetting the password using Facebook is only possible when you use Instagram on a smartphone.

  • Start by gently tapping on the “Forgot password link?”.

step 1

  • Now, you have to tap on the option- “Reset Using Facebook” button.

step 3

  • Enter the username and password related to your Facebook account in the relevant field. Tap on “ Log In”

step 4

  • Herein, you have to enter a new password, which is mandatory in both the password fields. Tap on the Reset button, so as to complete the procedure of resetting the password, using your very own Facebook account.

In a way, to reset Instagram password using Facebook is extremely simple and appears to be a straightforward process. The steps discussed above look easy. Isn’t it! By the way, there’s more to choose from.

Procedure #2 Reset Instagram Password Using Phone Number

Do you know that it is possible to reset the Instagram password using phone number? If you are not aware of the steps involved, this what you have to do:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.

  • Tap on the option- Get Help Signing-in.

step 1

  • You will then get three options to retrieve the password. Tap on Send an SMS button.
  • Enter the phone number that happens to be linked to your Instagram account. Tap on Send me a link

  • Now, try accessing the phone’s Messages app.

Step 5

  • If you notice any new SMS from Instagram, open it and look for message that says:” Tap to get back to your Instagram account.”

  • When you are done, tap on the Open button. Here, you will come across this option- Open this page on Instagram account?
  • Follow the instructions, so as to reset the password. You will have to enter the password twice, so as to confirm that you are resetting the password.

step 4


Procedure #3 Reset Instagram Password Using Email

Want to know –how to reset Instagram password using email? To be fair, it’ s simple. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open Instagram app and tap on Forgot Password or Get Help? Link.

step 1


  • Next, on the login screen, tap on the Username. It is here that you have to enter the email address that you made use of while signing into Instagram account.

  • After entering the information, tap on the Send Login link.

  • Access your email address and click on the link that you had received to reset the Instagram password.
  • Come up with a new password and make sure to save the changes.


What if You Forgot the Instagram Password and Email?

If you have lost access to the email address along with the password,  it does not mean you are short of options. The ideal solution in a scenario, where you have forgot the Instagram password and email would be this. Change the email address on a priority basis that happens to be associated with the account.

Whereas, if you are not in a position to access Instagram since you forgot the Instagram password and can’t access the email, then perhaps the best option would be to contact your email provider.


Any Other Alternative

No matter what, there is always some sort of alternative that you can rely upon. If things get a bit extreme, it would perhaps help to get in touch with the Instagram tech support team. You can seek help at any point in time, without worrying much about other constraints.