You need to honestly look at the storage capacity of your iPhone. By appraising the situation, you realize that the storage capacity is not just enough. In fact, you don’t have the luxury to allocate premium space, since your device doesn’t come with external SD card support. However, you have the option to utilize iTunes or iCloud storage. iCloud, in particular, turns out to be a smart option, as it offers seamless backup.

To get started, you just need to set up iCloud on your iPhone. After getting the basic right by setting up the service, you will then have the good fortune of saving or syncing files to that of your iCloud account.

So, you have a practical solution that precisely fits your circumstances. However, things don’t usually work out the way you are made to believe. Sometimes, you are made to go through the hard grind, just to get the things in the right direction.


Highlighting the Problem Areas 

Have you ever given any specific thought to the problems that you are likely to encounter? Of course, not.  You don’t really subscribe to the fact that at a certain point in time, you might have to struggle a bit, even to get things done.  Take for instance, what option do you have if iCloud stops working? In addition to these, you are also perturbed when all of a sudden if iCloud keeps prompting error message like authenticated failed? These are serious concerns and it is necessary for you to take appropriate actions in the nick of time.

It is about time you must look for measures to deal with the situation at hand.  Under the circumstances, you first and foremost priority would be to look for the troubleshooting modes.


Troubleshooting iPhone 7 Authentication Issues

Judging the situation related to your iPhone7, it looks you are more interested in finding relevant answers to your many iCloud errors. The question of how to troubleshoot iPhone 7 authentication issues is somewhat mind-boggling.

Before you begin to troubleshoot your device, there are certain elements that you need to take into account. You know very well that the 5 GB of free iCloud storage space is never enough to satiate your growing demands. Once you have utilized the space, it would be somewhat difficult to backup files. So, it is for you to look if you are having any space left or not.

Along with these, do make it a point to check if iCloud services are indeed running or not. Quite often, if due to internal server errors, you might experience a few problems. Since the services are likely to resume in a short while, there is no point indulging in exercises, wherein you look forward to fixing the issues for good.

If you really wish to do something, start by clearing some much-needed space by deleting data, which are not relevant at all. At the same time, you can also buy some space, provided you are willing to spare a few dollars.

In case, you are really finding the going tough, then the best option for you would be to look for ways to deal with the present crisis at hand.

When things get a bit out of hand and you don’t really have any inkling, it would appear safe to consult one of the skilled technicians from the iCloud customer service team. With the assistance of the experts, you have a remarkable chance of overcoming the odds.


How to tackle iPhone 7 Authentication Issues?

There are several ways to deal with iPhone 7 authentication issues. The steps mentioned here are designed to provide you with a glimpse of what can be done to get the glitches fixed in the best possible way.  In order to find answers to the iCloud problems today, you need to be positive and must have a game plan in place,


Step#1: Reboot Your iPhone

The moment iCloud stops working on your iPhone7 or shows any error, don’t just fret. It must be one of those random errors, which in all probability can be fixed with a minor tweak. Well, you can try rebooting your iPhone7 and this will go a long way to solve the problem for good.

By taking this step, you will get a chance to clear the minor errors that generally crop up on its own. There is no loss of data, as such. On the contrary, it helps to clear the cache memory, thus allowing the phone to perform better.


Step#2: Turn off  the Wi-Fi and Switch it On

Due to unstable network connectivity, especially with your Wi-Fi and this might affect your ability to Sync iCloud. In such a scenario, the best you can do is to turn the Wi-Fi off. Now wait for a few minutes and start all over again by switching on the Wi-Fi. It happens to be one of the oldest tricks on the book and this really helps a lot. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to try something out of the ordinary, when it comes to resolving authentication issues related to iPhone 7.


Step#3: Try Resetting the Network Settings on Your iPhone

It is true that network functions do get affected by errors in network settings. This usually occurs when you install a software update, which inadvertently overrides the existing settings on your iPhone.  With no other option left, you are left with no choice, but to reset the network settings on your phone. Once you reset the setting, it will then restore the default options.


Step#4: Update the iOS of Your iPhone to its Latest Version

Most of the new iOS versions released do come loaded with new features, apart from the patch that is programmed to resolve the existing problems that have a negative impact on the various iOS-based devices. Since the intention is also to erase the bugs and malware, you must make sure to get the iOS of your iPhone 7 updated. By installing the latest updates, you have a chance to resolve the iCloud issues, without having to face any major obstacle.


Step#5:  Sign out from Your iCloud Account and Sign in Again

The iCloud related problems on your iPhone 7 are also manifested due to invalid logins and account related errors. If by any means you are getting an authenticated failed error message, then you can prefer to sign out of your iCloud account. After signing out, wait for a few seconds and try signing in again.

If the problems persist, the ideal solution then would be to reset the Apple account ID password.


Are You Still in Need of Some Help?

There are moments when you get stuck in a situation with no quick respite. Moreover, you might also look for some good advice on what you can to better utilize the iCloud service. Problems are part and parcel of life and you have to look for ways to deal with the same.

Given the circumstances, trying to get in touch with the Apple help desk team can be a major confidence booster. At least, you will know then what it takes to sort out the iCloud related problems. No matter what, you will get the best assistance, as far as resolving the iCloud related technical glitches are concerned.

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