Are you facing problems uploading videos to YouTube? The reasons may vary, but one of the common reasons might be this:-

• There is a strict limit on a number of videos you can upload on YouTube.
• It depends on the length of the video and the format you are trying to upload a well.

The process to post a video on YouTube is a bit tricky. You have to comply with the terms and conditions, which is one of the essential parts. In addition to these, there is a basic procedure, which you need to adhere to.


How to Upload Video to YouTube?


Here is Step by Step Video.

People, in general, are often confused and do ask “How to upload a video on YouTube”, which is not usually a complicated task. The steps involved are as follows: –


• Extract the copy of the video from your camera and store it on your PC.

• Sign-in to the YouTube account.
• Click on the Upload button, which is located on the right of the search bar.
• Choose the Video you want to upload and click Select Files to Upload.
• Click the Open button and you can now upload the video with considerable ease.

The key process to upload video to YouTube requires implementing the steps mentioned above. Once you are done with it, the video you want to upload is very much live and streaming on YouTube.


What are the Ideal YouTube Upload Video Formats?

The recommended YouTube upload formats are as follows: –

• MP4 (MPEG4)
• 3GP
• WebM


Why Do YouTube Uploaded Videos Not Show Up in Your Channel?

Wondering why YouTube uploaded Videos not showing in Channel? This is not really a big issue. Some of the reasons for the uploaded YouTube videos not showing in your channel can be : –

• The video is set to private, which means it is not available for public viewing.
• To change the settings, login to your YouTube account
• Click uploaded videos, wherein you will get access to the list of videos, you had uploaded until now
• Choose the video not showing on your channel and click Edit
• Scroll Down to Broadcasting and Sharing options and select Public
• Save the changes


But changing the settings, you will find the video on your channel. In case, the video was unlisted, this might also be a problem, which may restrict your videos from appearing on the channel.


What must be your prerogative in case you fail to upload the videos?

Uploading videos on YouTube can be a difficult process altogether if you are not quite familiar with the methods. Leaving aside the external factors, all the issues can be resolved. For this same reason, you might some useful suggestions by speaking to one of the experts using Google support helpline phone number.

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