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Blocked Instagram account generally trouble the social users as they’re not able to perform any activity like sharing pictures, uploading videos and personal messaging with the contacts synced through phone or Facebook account.

There are certain reasons why Instagram gets blocked on a sudden basis. Most prominent amongst those is breaching the rules. As there are certain rules defined for each website, Instagram is no different from those. The violation of rules by the user leads to Instagram account blocking. As these rules are formulated by humans, innocent users also get trapped within it and get their Instagram account blocked.

Let’s discuss how to unblock Instagram account, but before that it is also essential to understand the category which matches your scenario.

Instagram account; which gets blocked all of the sudden, is bifurcated into three categories:

  • Permanent Blocking
  • Temporary Blocking
  • Partial Blocking


Permanent Blocked Instagram Account

As if you own the permanently blocked Instagram account, no action can be performed. This scenario occurs when you extremely violate the terms and conditions. The image mentioned below will appear on your device screen if the Instagram account is blocked permanently due to violating the terms.

If you have a normal Instagram account, blocking happens as you violate the terms of use. In case of the verified account, the team reviews the account and take appropriate decision. In both the cases, you can reach out to the expert panel and try to make them understand the situation.



There is only one option available to recover blocked Instagram account. As if you think that Instagram has blocked your account by mistake, then submitting an appeal may work in your favor when it comes to reinstating the account. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Login into Instagram account.
  • Once you’re logged in successfully, click on the following link below:

Submit An Appeal.

  • One the page is displayed on your device screen, provide your first name, email address, Instagram username as well as the mobile number.
  • Also, explain the reason why you’re submitting an appeal to activate permanently blocked Instagram account.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Send’ button to submit an appeal for activating the permanent blocked Instagram account.


Temporary Blocked Instagram Account

As you violated the Instagram guidelines or terms of use but not to a severe extent, then the social media site may block or disable your account on a temporary basis. Your blocked Instagram account will remain in the same status; say 24-48 hrs depending on the nature of violating the social account guidelines.

As per Instagram guidelines, there are certain limits on your daily activities like photo likes, commenting on photos as well as sending or accepting the follow request.

The scenario like temporary blocked Instagram account occurs when you start following the multiple users or keep liking the photos within a short time span. There is a strict no-no to perform such activities on a quick note as the Instagram algorithms consider this as a spam or suspicious activity.



The first and foremost step is to recognize the reason that’s not supposed to be repeated again. Hope, you remember the activities being undertaken that blocked the Instagram account.

  • Were too many people being followed in a short time span?
  • Were plenty of photos being liked without a delay of 5 seconds?
  • Were any suspicious activities attempted on the Instagram account, using an automated software?

If correct answers are provided to these questions, then there is a possibility that your Instagram account gets activated again within next 24/48 hrs after temporary blocking.


Partial Blocked Instagram Account

As this is quite identical to temporary blocking, you’re advised not to keep patience. Do not even think about contacting Instagram support. Wait for next couple of days and situation will get normal like before. Still, if you are not able to do so, then submit an appeal for re-activation of partial blocked Instagram Account.

It’s quite suggested not to abuse while reporting your problem to Instagram. Do not think about spamming and look to earn money out of it as Instagram technical experts are quite clever in detecting the problem. you can’t afford to be over smart as each and every activity is under the strict surveillance of Instagram engineers.


Do Instagram Account Blocking Actually Worth? A Quick Explanation.

Yes, of course. It actually worth…

There are certain restrictions imposed by Instagram, which are eventually beneficial for the safety of registered Instagram users. If there are no guidelines, spammers may make inroads and do not leave this portal safe for use. Though it is quite a challenging process, keeping a close eye on the activity of every user; Instagram is doing an exemplary work to inhibit the intrusion of spam.


Tips to Avoid Such Situations in Future

  • Do not think about ignoring Instagram community guidelines. Following the same will help you perform activities on the social account without any hassle.
  • Keep the follow/unfollow actions under moderation as bulk approvals and requests made within few seconds, are not considered as normal.
  • Do not publish any image or video with hateful speech as it is strictly against the guidelines of Instagram.
  • Avoid multiple logins of Instagram account from different location and IPs.
  • Do not use the automated software to upload or download Instagram images or videos through the web browser.
  • Avoid performing any phishing activities using your social account to prevent permanent blocking of Instagram account.

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