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iCloud Sync with iPhone and vice-versa has always been quite simple to understand and implement. People looking to sync iPhone contacts and photos to iCloud drive needs to gain knowledge about the process that involves certain steps, which need to be implemented in a proper way. The reason behind is that many events, contacts, and calendars stored on the iPhone, doesn’t get synced properly by the users as most of them are not aware regarding how to Sync iPhone to iCloud backup.

What Kind of Problems People Generally Face While Performing iCloud Sync?

  • iCloud Sync Photos functionality not working up to the mark.
  • Unable to get photos from iCloud to iPhone
  • No idea regarding how to sync iCloud Drive
  • iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud server
  • Users not aware regarding how to get Photos from iCloud to iPhone

Are There Any Effective Steps Regarding How to Sync iPhone to iCloud Backup?

Yes, of course, there are effective steps that can help any Apple iOS device users sync iPhone contacts and events to the iCloud Backup. These below-mentioned seven essential steps regarding how to Sync Apple iPhone Device with iCloud Backup; can help you save important contacts, messages and the event details on iCloud server that can be accessed from every device at any point of time.

  • Unlock your iPhone device and navigate to the home screen for tapping on ‘settings’ App or icon.There is a possibility that the setting app can be found in some other location of the device as per the changes made as per your comfortability.
  • The iCloud option is found in the list of options encapsulated in ‘Settings’ App.
  • Tap on the iCloud option and enter the authentic Apple ID along with the password. Press sign-in upon entering the login credentials.
  • Now data merging is required to sync iPhone device data with the iCloud Backup. The Sync option will automatically appear as two options appear on the screen with Merge or Don’t Merge. Merging data actually means that the data or content saved in the form of (contacts, calendar events, and bookmarks) saved in the iCloud and iPhone device will exchange information. For example, if there is only one contact saved in iPhone device and 4 contacts saved in iCloud Backup, then both of them will have 5 contacts upon selecting data merge option.

In case, No Merge option is tapped; the user will end up losing one contact from the iPhone device as it has been replaced by the same, already saved on the iCloud drive. Now, there will be total 4 contacts saved on an iCloud device with no contacts saved on the iOS device. Therefore, it is always recommended to tap on Merge for the successful sync between iCloud Drive and iOS device.

  • Now look to set up your location preference with the message prompted on the iPhone device screen to press either OK or don’t allow when it comes to using the location of your iOS device. If a user select OK option, Find my iPhone feature will get enabled that help you gain access to any iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) or any computer device (with or without Mac OS X installed on it) and then perform actions like locate.lock, remote wipe as well as send IM to your iPhone device. It is highly recommended to enable this feature while transferring data or media files from the iCloud to iOS device as doing this can help you in quick transmission of data.
  • Now it’s high time to setup and configure email account for syncing important notes. The iOS device will automatically start syncing the content saved in the iCloud But, it is recommended not to turn on Sync notes feature unless the Apple id is created by or account. If you still want to sync notes and your Apple id is not created with any of these above-mentioned accounts, the most feasible method is to enable the Sync Notes option and you will be prompted to create a account.
  • Backup your Data: iCloud drive provides you the option to maintain the backup of data by getting it synced with the iPhone device in order to save the internal space of the device as well as prevent the contacts and other essential information from getting misplaced in case the device is lost or misplaced. The images, text messages as well as contacts can remain intact in ICloud drive and can be transferred back to any of your iOS device such as iPad or iPod without any hassle.

In order to avail this feature, unlock your existing iOS device and look for the iCloud settings in which the storage and backup option are available. As the iCloud backup option is disabled, it’s recommended to turn it on.

Sometimes, people are encountered with troublesome issues; when they attempt to transfer iCloud Sync Contacts and photos to iPhone device. They also face troubles like iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud.  In order to fix these kinds of vigorous issues, customer service experts are available on the phone lines linked with official Apple iCloud helpline number.

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