Recover Deleted Gmail Messages

“Sometimes, a wrong click of mouse can lead to misfortune and the things happening in your favor is considered as a miracle, which is sometimes unforgettable ”

This is not something new that you haven’t heard of before, but the real-time actions happening in the internet world certainly comply to this.

Has anything unfortunate happened in terms of using Gmail services, which keep taunting you every second?

Things actually happen on an unanticipated basis and that too with a single click of the mouse. It sometimes not that easy to revoke the process once it is completed.

Have you lost important messages from the inbox unwittingly due to some negligence? On top of that, you have no idea how to recover deleted emails from Gmail..

It seems that you don’t know where the messages move once getting deleted….

Need not to worry….. you have a sheer luck in such cases.

Your deleted Gmail messages are in the trash and can be retrieved easily if deleted less than 30 days..


Time Savvy Steps to Recover Deleted Gmail Messages

Step 1: Login into Gmail account using the desired web browser.

Step 2: As the inbox dashboard is displayed, navigate to trash in the left sidebar of the page.

Step 3: Click on it and wait for the deleted messages to get listed on the screen.

Step 4: Look for the Gmail messages, which were accidentally deleted and are supposed to be retrieved back.

Step 5: Once found, tick on the check box reflecting against the truncated messages and click on the folder icon at the top to move the selected messages in a particular folder listed in the drop-down options.

In case, the deleted Gmail messages are to be shifted to the different folders, it’s highly suggested to move those truncated emails one by one to avoid massive confusion.

As the relevant answer to the question is mentioned above in the form of enumerated points, the discussion should be closed by now.

But, what about those certain questions that keep cropping up in the mind of users and trouble them to a huge extent.


What if you need to retrieve those Gmail messages that were deleted 2-3 months back.

There’s clear message reflecting in the top of trash “ messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days, will be automatically deleted”

Here’s where many users get stuck and have no clues to restore those Gmail messages

If more than 30 days have been crossed by and messages moved to trash are automatically truncated as per the Google protocol, then those messages are gone forever and cannot be restored in any case.

You too might be worried in case the trash folder was emptied intentionally by clicking “ delete forever button”

But, no need to take any sort of anxieties as Gmail has a provision for you to retrieve permanently deleted messages.

It can be done by submitting a request form to Google in which necessary credentials are supposed to be followed properly to recover deleted messages from Gmail.

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