Feeling depressed upon consistent failure attempts to recover deleted email messages from Hotmail/Outlook trash folder!!

No need to bring dejected expressions on your face as every problem has some possible solutions.

Negligence does create some problems but getting frustrated thinking about the same does not fetch out any solution for you.

There is a possibility that the deleted messages you want to recover from trash, have been permanently deleted as per the protocol defined by Windows Mail service. Or there might be a case that you have enabled the settings by ticking the checkbox “Empty the Deleted Items folder when I sign out

But doing this should have deleted all the emails accumulated in the trash. To be surprising, all other messages except the required emails are still reflecting in the trash.

What does this actually indicates?

So simple to understand, you have deleted those important emails, first from the inbox or any other custom folder and after that from the trash; either knowingly or unknowingly. Do check in spam or junk folder as there is a possibility of mails getting moved therein by mistake.

Hope, you are aware of how to recover deleted emails from Hotmail account…

If yes, then get it done before it gets too late. There is a clear protocol that deleted Hotmail emails can be recovered within 30 days from the date when the messages were permanently deleted.

No worry if you don’t have any idea regarding how to recover Hotmail/Outlook deleted emails


Steps to Recover or Restore Deleted Emails from Hotmail Account

To make you aware that there are two versions of Hotmail/ Outlook mail; i.e. classic and beta version. The process to recover or restore deleted emails in both the versions are completely different.


Method 1: Recover Deleted Hotmail Messages Accessing Outlook Beta Version

Before starting, let’s make it clear that you cannot recover permanently deleted messages of Hotmail in Outlook Beta Version that have been truncated from the deleted items folder. Only those Hotmail messages can be restored back to the inbox folder that reflects in the deleted items or junk folder.

  • Sign-into Hotmail account entering the legitimate sign-in credentials.

  • Upon successful login, you will be redirected to Outlook beta inbox dashboard.

  • If you do not find any messages in the dashboard, navigate your mouse to the left sidebar of the screen and click on ‘Deleted items’ folder. As the folder is displayed, you will find the list of deleted messages on the screen.

  • Now select the important deleted messages that are to be recovered and click on the restore button.

  • The messages will automatically move to the particular folder from where they were deleted.


  • In a similar way, if you find some important emails reflecting in the junk folder, select the same and click on ‘Not Junk’ option that will move the message to Inbox folder in seconds.


Method 2: Recover Deleted Hotmail Messages Accessing Outlook Classic Version

The same steps (mentioned above) in the previous method, have applied if you want to recover or restore permanently deleted Hotmail messages upon accessing Outlook classic version.

Now the question arises how can permanently deleted messages be restored or recovered in Outlook mail classic version?

Here are the steps that can help you recover or restore permanently deleted messages back in Hotmail account Inbox:

  • Access Hotmail email account with the authentic login credentials.


  • In case you do not find any messages in the inbox folder of Hotmail account classic version, click on the deleted items folder.



  • In case, the important emails are truncated permanently by mistake from the Deleted folder, click on the link “Recover deleted items”.OC-img-5
  • Doing this, a new window will crop up and overlap the original deleted items dashboard.OC-img-6
  • Select all the important messages that need to be restored and click on Recover button on the top of a new pop-up window.
  • Click on the OK button on the small message box. Just make sure, all your deleted messages will restore back in Inbox folder, contacts in contacts folder, tasks to the tasks folder and calender items in the calender folder.OC-img-8
  • Doing the same will restore all the permanently deleted Hotmail messages back in the Inbox folder. You can check the same by clicking the inbox folder.




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