Having invested a large sum of money on buying one of the latest Android devices, you don’t expect it to break-down anytime soon!Yet, this is what you experience. When your device turns off on a regular basis, it is then bound to confuse you.

You know very well that the battery is charged to its optimum. When the device gets turned-off on its own, it doesn’t make any sense. So, what is the problem then? It must be something to do with the hardware or software, Well, you never know. However, your primary concern, under the circumstances is to find a way to fix the recurring problem.

The problem is not about getting it fixed. On the contrary, it is more about how you go about resolving the issue.

Locating a possible solution comes down to how you perceive the situation and the steps you take to sort it out.

For a change, there are some definite ways to fix the issue of your Android phone turning off on its own.


Perhaps The Issue Might Be With Hardware

The issue here is that of your phone turning off on a regular basis. At the same time, if you restart, the trouble cease to exist. Of course, it looks like there is some minor issue with the hardware.

In a scenario, such as this, here’s what you can do to fix the hardware issue.


1. Check if the battery fits in nicely or not

If your battery is not properly fitting in, then surely it might result in a situation, where your phone randomly turns off. The constant wear and tear or some manufacturing defect may cause a few problems. In case, the warranty period is over, it is unlikely that you will get a replacement.

  • Turn your phone on and shake it tentatively. In doing so, you may find the device turning off. This is because the battery is loose.
  • What you can do is very simple. All you have to do is to take a thin piece of paper and fold it in square wraps, which then make it a little thick. Now, place the paper at the bottom end of the battery, right next to the connectors. The basic idea is to cover the loose space.

The DIY fix can be of immense help. Try this out and you will have a solution that works great. In addition to these, make it a point to check if there are any loose edge near the back cover. Secure it and you will never have to worry about other constraints.


2. What if the battery is not working properly?

There are instances, wherein the improper flow of current from the battery may have resulted in the phone automatically turning off. However, on making use of the secret dialer code, you will be redirected to a page that will show you the current stats of the battery.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*. You are then taken to a new page, where all the details pertaining to your battery come up.
  • If the battery health is good, then you are not required to do anything. However, if the results are not what you think, you will then have to get a replacement.


3. Is your Android phone heating up all of a sudden?

Android devices are prone to heating up, which essentially damages the core components. This could be one of the key reasons for the phone shutting down, on its own.

Under the circumstances, the best alternative you have are being listed below.

Are you by any means using a bulky phone case? If yes, then make sure to remove it, without any further delay. Sometimes, removing the case helps to solve the problem.

Many times, the problem lies in with the power button of your device. In that case, press the power button for a couple of times, so as to check if it’s working in the right manner or not. If the button is stuck somewhere, use a tweezer to smoothly pull it out.

Don’t Overlook  The Software Part

Once you have checked out the hardware part and find nothing wrong with it, it then seems appropriate to look for any software related issue. This can be somewhat complicated, but in making a conscious effort to deal with the issue, you will eventually come across a viable solution.

So, let’s start the proceedings of locating a solution that helps you to fix the problem of Android phone turning off.


1. Delete Bad Apps and Safe Boot is the Key

In the very first place, try booting your phone in the safe mode. When you run your phone in safe mode, chances of a virus or bad app interfering with the process are rare.

  • When you are in the safe mode, do check if the phone has got any tendency to shut down on its own. Also try to look for any third party app that you had installed, which might be causing the phone to switch off.
  • For your own benefit, try to delete any such app that has a negative impact on your Android phone.

2. Get Rid of Malware and Viruses

A virus that has found its way into your phone does have the capability to shut it down. Hence, you must make all possible effort to remove the virus or any such malware.

  • Install a good antivirus software.
  • Keep an eye on anything that looks remotely suspicious.

3. When nothing works, opt for Factory Reset

If you want a permanent solution to solve the software related problems, then try to factory reset your phone. This way, you will eventually get rid of all the problems.

  • Factory reset will delete all the data stored on the device. If possible, try to save and store the data on secondary hard drives.
  • The process takes around 5-10 mins. During the process, keep an eye on the device. If the phone shuts off, during the process, then it will be of no use.


What Next?

On resolving the software and hardware issue, things might just work out fine. Since the issue was all about your phone turning off on a regular basis, the remedial steps discussed above will be of some assistance.

If the problem still persists and you want a way out, the only option then seems to be approaching the experts. On that front, the team at Google chat help desk will work with you by offering a proactive solution that fits into your circumstances.

The online chat support is accessible 24×7 and works fine, most of the time.

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