Hotmail Password Recovery Process Quite Effective to Regain Email Account Access

Hotmail Password Recovery

What to do if you forget User name/Password of Hotmail account?

Alike other email service providers, Hotmail also offer a secure way for their users to communicate with official clients or the known ones for sending messages and media files from one end to another without any hassle. This web service can be accessed from any location without any restriction. But, sometimes accessing the email account from multiple location using one or the other device, pose a security threat as the account details can be misused through unauthorized access. In case, if you encounter this scenario; Hotmail password recovery process need to be implemented in a proper manner without wasting a second in case, the login details are compromised abruptly to conduct malicious activities using your identity.

On several occasions, users; who are well aware of the security threats, keep changing their Microsoft account password on a regular basis. By having such kind of tendency, they sometimes are unable to recall the password, which is required to access email account. The users keep recalling Hotmail forgot password by entering wrong login credentials even after several failed attempts that sometimes end up getting their account suspended on a temporary basis.

Why Need to Reset Hotmail Password?

There are certain reasons why a Microsoft account holder needs to recover Hotmail account.

  • If the account password is forgotten all of the sudden.
  • In case the email account details are compromised.
  • When the email account is accessed from an unknown device.
  • If the Microsoft account activity report shows an infiltration attempt from a specified IP.
  • When all attempts to access Hotmail account fails even after entering correct login credentials.

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Issues that Deflate the Process of Hotmail Password Recovery

There are certain issues that are actually responsible for the deflation of Hotmail account password recovery process

  • Users in mainstream, are not aware of the procedure to reset Windows live account password recovery
  • Cannot reset forgot hotmail password as an account is suspended on a temporary basis.
  • Problems resetting Hotmail account password even after providing correct answers to security questions
  • Hotmail reset password code sent to recovery phone number not working.
  • Password reset code sent on alternate email no longer valid.
  • The secondary email or recovery phone number no more active or does not exist anymore.

I Forgot My Hotmail Password!! What to do.. How to Recover it?

Don’t be panic. If you forgot your Hotmail email account password, with many people not actually aware of the strategies regarding how to recover Hotmail password, here we will show easy ways to recover your email account within 2 minutes.

Three techniques to recover Hotmail password at ease:

  1. Recover with registered mobile number.
  2. Recover with recovery or alternate email address.
  3. Recovery by providing correct answers to security questions.

1. Reset Hotmail Password with Registered Phone Number

  • Click on the desired web browser and wait for the window to display on the screen
  • Type in the address bar section ‘’ and press enter
  • As you do the same, it redirects to the Outlook live dashboard
  • Click on sign-in button that takes you the login section in which registered email address is supposed to be typed.
  • Press the next button and click on the link ‘forgot my password’
  • As it is done, three options appear on the screen in which you need to tick on first radio button against the option ‘I forgot my password’ and press ‘next’ button again
  • In the next slide, type the captcha code as seen in the image and again press the ‘next’ button.
  • Once the new slide is displayed, click on the radio button “Text *****74”.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of registered or recovery phone number and press the button ‘send code’
  • As you do the same, check the text message received on your registered phone number and enter the code in the box seen in the next slide.
  • As you type the code correctly, click the ‘next’ button which will take you to the new slide where Hotmail password reset option is displayed.
  • ‘Enter the new password’ twice that should contain atleast one uppercase, lowercase, numeric as well as special character.
  • Press the button ‘Reset’ to perform recovery of Hotmail forgotten password.

2. Perform Hotmail Password Recovery with Alternate Email Address

  • Double-click on the desired web browser and type ‘’ in the address bar.
  • Press enter key and wait for Outlook Live dashboard to display on the screen.
  • As the same gets displayed, click on ‘sign-in’ button.
  • Now, provide the registered email address in the empty box.
  • Click on next button and type the Hotmail account password.
  • In case you don’t remember the same, click on the link “forgot my password”.
  • Doing this will take you to the page where you need to fill the captcha code as seen in the image.
  • Pressing ‘next’ button will redirect you to the page where options are displayed to reset Hotmail password.
  • Tick on the radio button alongside the option “ Email : ****@****.com” and click on the button send code.
  • As you do the same, open a new tab in the same web browser and access the registered email address.
  • Look for the code sent by Microsoft and enter the same in the box upon getting redirected to a new web page.
  • Press the next key that will take you to the page where you can reset forgotten Hotmail password.
  • Enter the secure password twice as per the defined protocols set by Windows Live
  • Press ‘reset’ button to make changes effective.

3. Carry Out Hotmail Password Reset Process by Answering Security Questions

In case, the Hotmail password recovery options like the email address or phone number provided during sign-up are not working anymore, then answering security questions are the only options available to reset forgotten Hotmail password:

  • Look for the web browser installed on the PC and double-click on it.
  • Type in the address bar that redirects you to the page ‘’
  • Press ‘sign-in’ button and type the registered email address.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions and click on ‘next’ button.
  • Once done, Windows Live will ask you to enter the password in new slide
  • In case you do not remember the password, click on the link “ forgot my password”
  • Doing this, page gets redirected to the option; where you need to select the option “I forgot my password” and click on ‘next’ button.
  • Once you do the same, a new web page is displayed in which it asks you to enter the email address and fill the captcha code as seen in the image.
  • Again, click the next button doing which certain options are available amongst which you need to tick on radio button alongside the option “I don’t have any of these”
  • Press the next button and in the new web page, provide the new email address other that for which password needs to be recovered.
  • Enter the code as seen in the captcha image and click on ‘next’ button
  • Doing this, a questionnaire form will be displayed on the screen which is supposed to be filled by you correctly and submitted to Microsoft for validation
  • Once the details gets validated, Microsoft will send a link to alternate email address for the convenience of users to reset Hotmail password at the earliest.

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Even if you face problems implementing any of these strategies chosen above, there only two options are left, first one is you have to create new Hotmail account or second is advised to contact one of the Hotmail technical support experts just by giving a call at Hotmail phone number.

Several phone lines are active that connect with a tech support helpline number dialing, which an individual can take assistance from the qualified experts available 24×7 at different extensions who offer phone support service in a professional way. They care of the problems that occur while resetting Hotmail password and take appropriate actions to fix them by applying their knowledge or skills.