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With Google Maps to keep you right on track, traversing long distances into the unknown is always fun. Google has done a great job with the maps and this is something that really benefits most of the people.

For instance, if you are looking to eat some great Chinese food and don’t have any information about any restaurant nearby, just search on the Google Maps. You will immediately get the address and location. On a similar note, you can look for a chemist shop, find your way to the airport, bus terminal and so forth.

You name it and Google Maps will show you the rest of the way. It is almost like convenience personified!

With the availability of Google Maps on Android app as well as the desktop version, it will be tough for you to get lost. Besides, the infusion of augmented reality and contextual location suggestions, there is no stopping you from unlocking the full potential of the app.

You will be surprised to find the number of innovative and hidden features tucked into the Google Maps app. In case you are not familiar with all the features, there is no reason to have any grudge. In this post, we will try to unravel some of the unusual Google Maps tricks which are bound to astound you.


1. Add Multiple Locations on Google Maps

What if you are planning a multi-city tour with some of your friends in your Dad’s classic Mustang? It might have taken ages to coax your father, asking the keys. But plotting the itinerary with Google Maps will never be a problem.

  • In order to add the multiple destinations in Google Maps app, all you have to do is to enter the starting point and the destination that you have in mind.
  • Now click on the three dotted lines and this will prompt a popover menu, wherein you will have the option to “Add Stop.”Once you click on the button, you can add a route with multiple stops.

So, to travel with Google Maps, it surely can be an exciting event.


2.  Easily Access Google Maps Offline

In an age, where there is much precedence over data packs, you will have some serious doubts about Google Maps functioning offline or not. Thankfully, you don’t really need to worry about all of this.

Google Maps can be accessed offline and this can really prove to be a great boon.

  • Find your location that you would like to navigate when you are offline.
  • Tap on the bottom of the screen and from the pop- up, select Download.
  • Once you have downloaded the map, it will provide all the necessary information that you intend to look for.


3. Use Google Maps to Time Travel

Way back in 2014, Google introduced a medium through which users can see how Street View has evolved over the time. The feature aptly termed Time Travel lets you access 4-dimensional cartographic experience in the Street View mode. Do you want to view the same/ here’s what you have to do?

  • Click on the Stopwatch icon in the top left corner.
  • You will then get a prompt sliding scale that in turn allows you to view the various Street Views over time.


4. Is it Possible to Create Your Own Private Google Map?

Yes, it is quite possible to create and build your own private Google map. This is one way, where you can feed information that is more relevant to your circumstances. If you too want to have your own map, this is how you can get one.

  • Sign in to your Google Maps using your Google account.
  • Now, click on the hamburger icon and follow the sequence: > Your places > Maps > Create Map.

After getting into the My Map feature, you can add pinpoints with info cards or highlight sections. You are also at liberty to customize walking or driving directions.


5.Know Where You Parked the Car

What if one fine day you don’t seem to find your car in the parking lot? This, of course, can be quite frustrating. But, fortunately, with Google Maps assistance, you have a chance to locate where exactly you had parked the car.

  • On Google Maps Android, tap on the blue location and select ‘ Save Your Parking.”
  • By doing so, you will help to add the label to the Maps app.
  • Tap the same to add details like parking garage level and other such information.
  • You can also set a meter reminder along with a photo of the area, where you parked the car.
  • You can also send the location to your friends.


The same feature is now being made available for iOS and this indeed can be beneficial. It just goes to show the popularity of Google Maps.


6. Voice  Command While Driving – Is it for Real?

One of the cool thing about Google Maps is that you can make use of voice commands. By using voice commands, you can save plenty of time, which comes in handy, while you are driving and want to find a location at the earliest.

All that you have to do is to ask Google and make specific requests and you will immediately get the answers.



There are no secret Google Maps tips that you need to be aware of. Everything is available in the public domain. At the same time, you can try out a few tricks, so as to learn more. Each new day, Google adds something new to Maps and this is all done to assist users like you.

If for any reason, you wish to know more, just make sure to approach the experts using the Google chat support program. The experts will provide you with all the help that will go a long way to overcome the obstacles.


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