Gmail Password Recovery

Are your existing Google account password reset options not working….

or you aren’t aware of the Gmail password recovery tips??

It can be any of these two cases….

No need to take anxieties as this blog really help you make aware of the Google mail password recovery tips that are quite effective in regaining the access to Gmail account without any obstacle.

There might be a possibility that your Gmail account is disabled or suspended due to which any of the password recovery techniques applied from your end is not working. Do make sure, you restore disabled Gmail account at the earliest before going ahead to implement the steps of Google account password recovery.

Gmail account gets disabled or suspended by Google due to several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Email messages full of spam weblinks encapsulated with malware, spyware, and adware
  • Phishing emails getting accumulated in Gmail inbox
  • Gmail account hacked from an unknown location
  • Use of multiple Gmail accounts linked to perform activities like child abuse
  • Violating policies while using Google products

As if you are not aware regarding how to restore disabled Gmail account, the certain steps enumerated below, can actually help in activating the disabled Google account:

  • Open a web browser and type the following URL in the address bar
  • Enter the correct information that is being asked by Google before reviewing the disabled account.
  • Also, provide the essential information that can be quite helpful to plead you not guilty and get disabled. Gmail account activated in minutes.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button to make changes effective.

If disabled Gmail account would have been the case due to which recovery of Google account password was not possible, then this problem can be resolved by implementing the above-mentioned procedure.

What if, you are not aware regarding how to recover Gmail password then what to do??

Looking on the web will not help you at all as no official customer service number is available and no phone support for email services is offered by the certified professionals.

You are not alone on this planet who is going through such phase where no phone support for Gmail is available. Many other users having different issues, look for different sources (other than official toll-free number) through which instant help can be availed

But nothing to worry about certain tips or strategies are unveiled below that can help to recover or reset Gmail password, which you have forgotten all of the sudden or has been hacked by the unauthorized users.

  • Reset Gmail account password with registered phone number
  • Recover Gmail account password with secondary email address
  • Reset Gmail password answering security questions


Steps to Reset Gmail Password with Registered or Recovery Phone Number

  • Open any web browser and type in the address bar
  • As the login interface is displayed, enter the Gmail Id or registered phone number
  • Click on next button and enter the password
  • In case, you are not able to recall the password, click on the link ‘forgot password’
  • As it is done, you are redirected to a new web page where it is asked to enter the last remembered password
  • As you do the same, the webpage get redirected to a new one which says “Google will send a verification code to “fdfe***
  • In case that recovery email address is no more active, then click on the link “Try another way
  • As you press next button, a new web page contains a message saying “Google will send a verification code to  *****6”.
  • Click on next button and unlock your phone to find out the verification code sent to Google.
  • Once received, enter the same in a box and ‘click on verify’ button.
  • You can now enter the new Gmail password and regain access to email account once the code gets validated successfully.


Steps to Reset Gmail Password with Secondary or Registered Email Address

  • Type in the address bar of any web browser installed on the device
  • As the Google account login section is displayed, provide the Gmail id
  • Now press next button and enter the legitimate password
  • If you are not able to remember Gmail password, click ‘forgot password’
  • Once you do the same, google ask you to provide last remembered password
  • In case, it does not match the legitimate password, you are redirected to a new page in which message is displayed “Google will send a verification code to “fdfh***” which is actually the recovery email address saved by the email server.
  • Click on next button and open a secondary email address to check if an email message is sent to Google Inc.
  • Once you find the same, copy the verification code and enter the same in your box and then ‘press verify’ button.
  • Now enter the new password twice upon successful validation of verification code and finally regain access to Google mail account.


Steps to Reset Gmail Password by Answering  Security Questions

  • Just click on ‘forgot password’ link in case you are not able to recall Gmail password
  • As you do the same, Google will ask you to enter last remembered password
  • Once you provide the same, it will display message ” Google will send a verification code to fdfh***”
  • If the recovery email address is no more in use, then click on the link “Try another way”
  • As you press the link, a new web page contains a message saying “Provide the month and year in which Gmail account was created”
  • Enter the correct month and year of Gmail account creation and get redirected to the new webpage where it asks to enter new password twice
  • Do the same as instructed and press continue or next to regain access to Gmail


In case, you face troubles that come across during Gmail password reset by applying any of these strategies, then no need to waste a bit of your precious time as third-party tech support for Google mail is available on the web that can help in successful Gmail password reset in quick time.

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