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Is there any clear method through which you can know if the Instagram app is indeed working or not? Technically it is possible. Are you going through a similar situation, wherein you will have look for options, in a bid to fix the Instagram account problems?

Instagram is surely luring people and if the present trend continues, it will soon surpass Facebook. At least, it isn’t having any bad day as Facebook and that’s not at all a saving grace. Most of the people now feel they are done and dusted with social networking. With Instagram, they have a medium that is equally engaging and much more optimized to suit the present day sensibilities.

Maybe you are new to Instagram and hence, you are not quite familiar with the whole concept. It takes time to get used to the visual intricacies. But then, what make things difficult are the technical glitches, which are neither easy to resolve and are constantly recurring.

Right now, your main objective would be – How to fix Instagram problems? To begin with, you need to have some patience and a bit of luck, as well.

Probably, you are not doing the right things. However, in view of the circumstances, it would seem appropriate to look for a proper medium to address your immediate concern. It is also necessary for you to have proper information if you are looking to resolve the various issues in quick time

For instance, what are you are supposed to do if you do get into a situation, where you have trouble accessing Instagram. Under the circumstances, Instagram outage is quite common and there is no escaping it.


So what went wrong?

There are two distinct possibilities. It might be that the Instagram is indeed down or you might be encountering a few problems, due to a bad internet connection. At the same time, the issue might be originating from the app, which makes it extremely difficult for you to utilize Instagram from good.

With no other option left, you will have to consider options that will help you to fix the problems with nonchalant ease.

Given the situation, the onus is on you to come out of the rut and this is never going to be that easy.


Is Instagram really down?

Your first and foremost priority is to check if Instagram is down or not? There are instances, wherein due to server related issues, Instagram remains offline and this might prevent you from posting any updates.

Just make sure to check on Twitter and Down Detector to verify if Instagram is indeed having server related issues. In such a scenario, you have nothing much to do except to wait for any update. Since the issue is technical, it might take a few hours. You will get all possible updates, by making a proper research.

Once the issue is resolved, you can get back into your account and start using it, without much of any worry.


Best Possible Way to Fix Instagram Problems in 2018

Instagram did admit that the users are right in pointing out a few flaws, which incapacitates them accessing their profile. This new error is causing a few problems and has affected a lot of people.

Well,  in the recent days, if you have got any specific mail from Instagram asking you to change the email account, then look for the link- revert this change and click on it.  After changing the email account, you must also make an effort to reset the password.

Getting the issues resolved is not really that simple. The problems largely manifest from your inability to understand the issue at hand. Even then, you can seek the help of the experts by making use of the Instagram live chat support program.

In doing so, you have a good chance of making an immediate recovery.

While you look for ways to resolve the crisis you are in, the possibility of making a quick recovery might not seem feasible. Given the flow of events, you can perhaps find some assistance with the Instagram customer support team. The support team will provide all possible assistance, in a bid to fix the many issues within a short span of time.


Trouble with Posting on Instagram

Despite the many flaws, you are no doubt smitten by Instagram. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You do get addicted. But then, you end up in a situation, where you have to figure out a plan on how to fix Instagram posting problems?

Well, in such a scenario, the very first thing that you need to do is to check if Instagram is properly working or not. In case, the app is really slow, then you can try connecting your phone to Wi-Fi. You can also login to your Instagram account on a PC and see if you can upload and share photos from there.

When everything else fails, try restarting your device to see if the problem is fixed or not. This usually happens when the Instagram app crashes and you are left in complete limbo.


Problems with Instagram Login

In what way are you supposed to deal with Instagram login problems? You will have to look for alternatives that can be of some assistance while trying to get the issue fixed. In view of the situation, you can start by re-typing your password and username, so as to log in to your Instagram account.

On the other hand, if you are using the Instagram app on Android and iOS device, you can prefer to send an SMS  or login with Facebook on Android. You can also send the login link on an iPhone.

You can also try to reset the password using Facebook, which gives you the chance to access the Instagram account, without having to endure any tough period.


What about Instagram Problems with Facebook Permissions?

There comes a time, when you by mistake delete Instagram from your Facebook account. This will make it impossible for you to post anything from Instagram to Facebook. As such, you can try out the following steps to reconnect with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Start by deleting Facebook and Instagram from your phone.
  • Login and access Facebook settings. In here, you must make sure to remove Instagram permissions.
  • Re-install Facebook and Instagram and make it a point to connect the two.


If for any reason your friends are not in a position to view your Instagram’s post on Facebook, then you may have to change Instagram Facebook permissions.


Can You Fix Instagram Tagging Problems?  

To begin with, Instagram tagging problems are quite common. Usually, this means, you will not be in a position to tag friends in photos. However, you need to look at the problem from a completely different perspective. What if the person you are tagging doesn’t want to get tagged?

There is a provision that allows you to untag yourself with a simple tap on the photo. By exploring the options, you can select an alternative such as – Remove me from photo.

At the same time, you must also emphasize on not including may hash-tags. With too many hashtags, Instagram will likely block your account and might consider it to be a spam.


Is there Any Way to Report Instagram Problems?

Of course, there will be other issues with Instagram and it isn’t like you will find an immediate solution. Keeping in mind your desperate situation, it would seem logical to report from the app itself.

If it comes to a point, where you want to report Instagram problems, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to profile.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu and select Settings.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on Report a problem.
  • Choose the option- Something isn’t working.
  • Now type in the details of the problem you are facing.


H4 Any Other Possibility?

The recurring Instagram problems can be somehow fixed, without having to endure any major difficulty. But, at times, you might have to look for opinion and advice from the experts. For your own convenience, the ideal option would be to contact an expert using Instagram live chat support initiative. In doing so, you have a good chance of finding a relevant solution that addresses your primary concern.

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