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Facebook, being a juggernaut of social media websites, has easily managed to divert more than 70% of the web traffic towards its social networking podium. The internet users from variant demographic regions; tends to login into his/her personal or official Facebook account on a frequent basis. They actually need Facebook customer service to get necessary assistance on time.

As Facebook is leading the chart of both social networking and social media websites with users ranging around 1 billion in total, it is all due to the amazing features which Facebook actually possess. To know about the functionalities, users look to contact Facebook customer support but are confined to get non-voice help desk service only through FB Help Center and forums.

In order to keep itself on top and help users in accomplishing their tasks in a streamlined way, customer service for Facebook is essential. The Facebook customer support should be rendered by qualified and expert professionals through official phone number, which is unfortunately not available on the web.


Why Do Users look to Contact Facebook Support?

Though every task can be completed easily through Facebook, still users have some or the other queries due to which Facebook support team has to be contacted. Variant issues keep coming across users while accessing Facebook that needs to be resolved immediately before these turn out to be more complex.

Users; facing different sorts of issues with Facebook, always look for immediate customer service from the certified experts through official help toll free number but end up getting disappointed as there is no such option available online.

Here are the certain problems within Facebook that need to be fixed at the earliest:

  • Facebook sign-in problems quite frustrating
  • FB login page loading issues
  • Cannot recover or reset forgotten Facebook password
  • Unable to change FB account password
  • FB account access issues with android and IOS Smartphone device
  • Cannot recuperate compromised Facebook account password
  • Facebook account suspended or blocked due to malicious activities
  • Sudden blocking of Facebook account
  • Compatibility issues with updated web browsers on different devices
  • FB messenger cannot be downloaded and installed on Android and IOS
  • Cannot receive and send messages accessing Facebook chat application
  • Problems uploading and downloading attachments on Facebook message
  • Unresponsive script errors freeze the device screen

Dialing official customer care number could have been the best solution for Facebook users to get instant help desk services to resolve problematic issues at the earliest. But it’s absence is hurting them the most when it comes to availing helpline services in an appropriate manner.

Facebook Inc always recommends user, sharing their problems or grievances with expert professionals working with Facebook technical support as the problems sometimes get robust and cannot be resolved by users in spite of having the technical know-how. The result is that issues get more complex as compared to what they were before. In the absence of official contact number, users are supposed to go to Facebook Help Center or community forums to find an appropriate solution for the problem, they are presently engulfed into.

It’s actually not an easy task for any Facebook user to find an appropriate solution through help community or forum. As the solutions for FB problems requires technical steps to be implemented, the user needs an assistance of qualified professionals that cannot be availed without customer service toll-free number. For the convenience of Facebook users in USA and Canada, several organizations have been set up to render third-party phone support to users 24/7 without any interruption.


Two types of support are available for Facebook users:

  1. Official Support              2. Unofficial Support
  1. How Official Facebook Can Help You?

Offical Facebook Help only for Facebook business user not for normal user

Official Facebook business Number : 650-543-4800

  1. How Unofficial Facebook Can Help You?

Here is the list of services offered by third party tech support for Facebook Normal user:

  • Outright support to fix login issues in Facebook account.
  • Help in retrieving the forgotten Facebook password.
  • Troubleshoot script errors that occur during Facebook password change.
  • Assistance in recovering hacked Facebook account.
  • Provide assistance in creating a business fan page.
  • Quick Aid offered to block or suspend Facebook account
  • Troubleshoot web browser compatibility issues with Facebook.
  • Fix Facebook server downtime issues.
  • Help in download and installation of Facebook messenger


Get Facebook Help Through Unofficial Facebook

Gonetech is one such self-governing organisation that help users, get Facebook help desk services through toll free tech support number alongside 24/7 active Facebook live chat Help. The assistance is provided to all the users on an immediate basis as per their requirement as the qualified professional techies, adopt remote access technology to troubleshoot the root cause of the problems.