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Your Boss asked you to export all the contacts from your official Outlook account. But, you’re thinking, if it is already saved in your Outlook account, why it is necessary to export the contacts. It will be time-consuming!

However, it is essential to export contacts from Outlook to create a backup.

Nevertheless, there can be multiple of reasons that may require exporting contacts from email to CSV files. Here are some possible reasons that make the users to export contacts.

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Why do we need to export contacts from Outlook?

  • To create a backup of your contact

Even if you lose the authority of the outlook account, you would not lose the contacts, if you have already imported the contacts from your Outlook account earlier and saved in the CSV or PST file format.

  • When you need to switch Email Clients

If you are planning to switch from outlook to other webmail services, but you don’t want to lose your contacts and files stored in your account. In that case, it is better to export the contacts from Outlook to CSV file and save it on your system and further import that saved CSV file in the other webmail service you wish to use.

  • When you need to send invites for any specific event via email

In case, you are organizing any corporate event and you need to prepare an inventory of guests whom you wish to invite, the best way to manage everything is by exporting the contacts from your Outlook mail account and saving it in CSV files.

  • Managing lot of contacts

When it is getting difficult for you to manage contacts saved in your mail, then it is better to export all the contacts from your Outlook account to PST or CSV files.

How to export Contacts from Outlook?

Are you looking for the steps to export Outlook contacts?

You have landed on the right place. Here we will show you, the easy steps to export and use the Outlook address book from every version into many other applications and services.

Easy Steps to import contacts from every version of Outlook into CSV/PST files

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Steps for Outlook 2013 and 2016 to export contacts

  • Open your Outlook account
  • Hit on the file icon on the extreme left corner
  • Scroll down to select Open & Export category.
  • Click on Import/Export.

-Make sure you select “Export to a file” and then click on “next”

– Select the “Outlook Data File PST” and again hit the next button

– Select “contact” from the drop down menu of “Select the folder to export from” and click on next. Further, browse the location to save files and rename the file.

  • Now click “Finish”
  • Now can import the contact saved in the form of PST files in Gmail, Yahoo or another webmail service.

In Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

  • Open your Outlook account first configured in your desktop
  • Click on the “file” on the upper left corner
  • Then, Click on “contacts

– Make sure the “contact” icon is highlighted in yellow color

  • Then, again click on “File”
  • Scroll down to select Click on “Import and Export”

– Make sure Export you select “Export to file”

  • Click Next
  • Then select “Personal Folder File PST”
  • Make sure the “contacts” is highlighted
  • Click on next

– Use the Browse button to select the location and file name for the exported contacts.

  • Then, Click Next again
  • Now click Finish.

– Now the file ready for importing into any other online application and webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo

– You can now import your Outlook contact


How to export contacts from Outlook 2010?

  • Open your outlook account
  • Then, click on the “file”
  • Further click on “Options”

– Make sure you have selected “Advanced” from the drop down menu

– Select Export button.

  • Then, click on OK.
  • Select the Export to a file option and further click on Next
  • Under Create a file of type menu, choose “Comma Separated Values” option to create a CSV file.
  • Under Save exported file, Click on the Browse button to select the location of the folder.

– Make sure you have renamed the file you are importing

  • Then, click OK.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Further click on “Finish”.

Hope this tutorial would help you to create a backup of your contacts. In case, you find it difficult to carry out this process; then you can get in touch with the experts of Outlook support via their toll-free number anytime around the clock and ask them to do it on your behalf via remote access.

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