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It’s been more than a decade since Gmail being ruling the web-based services. With users apparently utilizing its services to a huge extent, it’s more or less like a compromise they made. As no other substitute was available that could offer online email checking services in an exemplary way, Gmail proved to be quite a satisfactory option in all terms.

Microsoft Outlook.com; being a force to be reckoned with, is slowly and steadily gaining popularity to lock horns with Gmail. Though no one can predict and declare the former’s superiority over the Google mail services, Gmail add-ons are something that gives an ultimate edge to its webmail services over Outlook.

Don’t Tend to Underestimate Microsoft Outlook.com !! A Warning for Gmail Users.

It is quite evident that Microsoft cannot stand up and challenge Google, declaring Outlook.com best as compared to the email services offered by its counterpart. Still, there are certain things where the tech giant can stand firm and compare Gmail with Outlook head-to-head and find itself in a much better position as former just can’t match up to it.

9 Effective Tricks That Can be Applied Using Outlook Email Services.

Here are the 9 most effective tricks that give Microsoft Outlook.com an upper hand over Google mail.

1. Important messages appear on the top of the Inbox: One of the most beneficial aspects of using Outlook.com as webmail service provider is that you can go through the important messages very easily. There is no need to search for the new messages in the inbox as the selected messages once pinned appear on top of the inbox. The same strategy can be applied in subfolders.

Though Gmail also offers a similar kind of feature to identify important emails. The multi-color stars are pinned on the emails to identify its category and importance but they are not prompted on the top of inbox like what happens in Microsoft outlook.com

2. Add GIFs straight into messages: As the internet is looking to make things more expressive day by day, it actually not required to add words in the email message if the Gif can make recipient understand the same. With Outlook, it looks possible as you can easily add the graphic image while composing the message. It can be done within a minute and adding the Gif is just a matter of click.

Using Gifs while composing a message on Gmail is quite a time-consuming process as you have to look for the image in the device that should be saved ready for upload.

3. Bring new messages on top: As Outlook.com email services have come up with the new feature, the active conversation on emails are kept on top of the inbox message as users can keep the focus on the work rather than searching for the incoming mail on which reply has to be made.

Though this feature has been copied by Microsoft from Google mail services, Outlook has started gaining more attention from email users upon adding this feather to the list of extraordinary attributes.

4. Get the old emails to sweep Off: Outlook has the exceptional feature to sweep out the old emails to the archive folder. All user just need to set up the sweep feature for email to bypass the inbox once it has been accumulated there for the last 10 days. Gmail; too has sweep feature, but it doesn’t automatically move inbox emails to archive. But yes, it will do for the most recent emails received by the particular sender.

5. Email Filtration: Performing email filtration in Outlook mail is quite simple as it can be done by following the few simple steps. It would be easier for you to find the email having a huge file size. You just have to sort the same by size.

Gmail also help you list the inbox emails above or below a certain file size, but there’s a specific limit for the same. You cannot apply this feature to sort the messages by size; either through inbox or a particular label. Other than this, Gmail can’t group the emails by sender and apply the settings.

6. Add multiple Add-ons in a minute: Unlike Gmail, Outlook add-ons are available on a third-party website. Just click the ‘down-arrow’ button in the compose window and then on ‘get add-ins’ while composing the message on Outlook.

7. Turn-off Dashboard Lights: Accessing Outlook mail with dark dashboard makes it look quite attractive. It can be quite helpful when the internet is quite slow and things look quite difficult when it comes to reading the emails with gifs and attachments within the same. Just enable the dark mode to make the changes effective.

This feature can also be applied in Gmail but all you need to access the themes as there is no switch to enable the settings alike Outlook.com.

8. Edit Office Documents feature online: Now there’s no need to download the attachments from Outlook mail as the required editing can be made easily just by clicking the file. All the changes can be made online without downloading the file in the hard drive of your device. There’s no such possibility of making changes in the attachment within the email thread as you need to open the file in Google drive and make changes accordingly.

9. No distraction while reading emails: Outlook.com has brought something special for the users like you who face distractions while reading emails. Now you will find reading emails more comfortable as it can come out loud up front.

Being a Google mail user, you generally connect with Gmail Help desk team by submitting the issues on forum/community or on social media business pages. As there is an official toll-free help number available on the website, it becomes really difficult for anyone to get instant help.

As Microsoft is gaining popularity every single day, this tech giant company also give preference to customer service. As several official phone lines are connected with customer support number for user’s convenience, users can also contact certified techies through Outlook live chat support experts anytime to know more about these features.

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