Change iCloud Password Without Breaking A Sweat

Change iCloud Password

Changing your iCloud password is not a rocket science. But people; who are not much into the technology and staff, may face difficulties in changing their iCloud password. It is nothing less than a piece of cake and can be done in a few easy steps.

In today’s world, each of us has numerous accounts and for the safety concerns, we use a different and unique password for the each online account.So, remembering the password of numerous email accounts is quite tedious. No wonder, you may forget the password for one of those accounts, be it the password of your iCloud account or any other online account.

Fret not! There are numerous ways to reset or change the iCloud account password. iCloud password protects the privacy of various data and information stored in your account and retains your ability to locate or remotely erase your device using ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. Changing password on a regular basis is really important as it provides a requisite security of your personal data and information.

iCloud password change can be done using various methods like sending a recovery email to your Apple account with your password, recovery using secret questions and two-step verification process.

Methods to Change iCloud mail Password

  1. Using Old Password.
  2. Accessing recovery email address.
  3. Answering Security questions.


Method 1:

Steps to change iCloud account password with Old password on PC

  • Open a Chrome web browser on Windows PC and Safari on Mac device.
  • Type in the address bar and provide authentic sign-in credentials in the login panel
  • As you successfully enter the correct login credentials, look for iCloud settings by clicking on down-arrow key alongside user name.
  • Once you find the same, click on iCloud settings
  • As the new page is displayed, you will find everal option. Click on ‘Manage’ under Apple id
  • Doing this, you will be taken to  account security page of icloud where Chnage password link can be seen.
  • Click on it and enter the current password in the first column followed by new password in the next two columns.

Note: Do make sure your password contains atleast 8 characters or more which should include uppercase and low case characters along with one numeric character.

  • Click on ‘Change password’ button to confirm the modifications made in iCloud account security page.


Change iCloud Password Using iPhone or iPad Device

As users generally access iOS device nowadays, they prefer changing iCloud password using the same:

  • Unlock iPhone or iPad device using security key
  • Once done, tap on settings and then on your name and finally on Account Security
  • Tap on change password and then enter the current iCloud password or device passcode
  • Then enter the new password and confirm the new one
  • Finally Tap on change password to make modifications effective.
  • Now reboot the iPhone or Ipad device and login with new Apple ID and password


Method 2:

Steps to Change iCloud password with Recovery Email address on PC and Mac

  • Open in the web browser.
  • As the login dashboard is displayed, click on the link “Forgot Apple id or password
  • Once you are redirected to a new page, there is a space to enter the Apple ID
  • Enter the same and type characters in the page.
  • Clicking on continue button will take you to the new page where message is seen “ Select what information you want to reset” with two options aligned under it

– I need to reset my password

-I need to reset my security questions

  • Select the first option and press continue button
  • In the next slide, click on radio button next to the option “Get An Email”
  • Press continue button and check the recovery email address to find if any mesage from Apple is reflecting in the inbox
  • If yes, then open the same and click on ‘Reset now’ link in the email inbox
  • Doing this, will open a new tab automatically on the web browser displaying iCloud password reset option
  • Enter the new password twice and press ‘reset password’ button.
  • The message is displayed “The Apple ID password for *****” has been changed successfully.

Method 3:

Steps to Change iCloud Password by Answering Security Questions

In case, the recovery email address is disabled or no more in use, then the only options available to reset iCloud password is by entering security questions

  • Click on Forgot Apple ID or password
  • Provide the Apple id and type the security code
  • Press Continue button and tick on the radio button next to the message “I need to reset my password” in the next slide.
  • Again press continue button which will redirect you to the page where options are available to reset or change iCloud password
  • Tick on the radio button next to the option “Answer security questions” and press continue button
  • As it is done, you are asked to verify the birth date before proceeding ahead with the process to change or reset iCloud password
  • Press continue button and then answer the two security questions upon recalling correct answers
  • As you do the same, press continue button which will take you to the new page where it is asked to enter new password twice.
  • Click on reset password to make changes effective

Hope, you are able to change the iCloud password with the blink of eyes to secure your crucial data and information,  or get back the access to your Apple account, if hacked all of the sudden. In case, you face any trouble, contact Apple support number at the most primitive to get instant help.

Creating a new iCloud account [Optional]

Now you must be surely Mind storming with the question that how to change my iCloud password? Now is the time to think what to do!

  • Don’t remember your Apple ID password
  • Don’t remember the answers to the security questions
  • Not enabled two-step verification process or forget the recovery code of your Apple ID.

Well, you left with no option, but to go for a new iCloud account. To create an iCloud account you need to have an Apple ID.  Follow the steps stated below to enjoy your Apple account-

  • Select “Settings” app on your Apple device, and choose iCloud.
  • When you’re in select “Get a free Apple ID”.
  • Give your birth details and tap “Next” button on the top right corner.
  • Now, decide whether you want to create new iCloud email or you want to go you’re your existing email. Once you’ve made tour decision, go for it and tap on “Next”.
  • Fill the required information and complete the creation of your account.
  • Use letters, numbers and special characters in your password, as this is considered to be the safest one and hard to crack by the hackers.