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Attachment upload and download issues in Gmail are quite common these days. Several complaints come across from the users end in this regards. There are several reasons behind it and one common problem amongst them is a compatibility issue with the web browser.

Though unresponsive script errors also create problems during the upload and download attachments in Google mail once in a blue moon, the experience to deal with such problems is quite horrific.

Gmail users encounter different types of error whenever they look to upload or download email attachments. The errors occur due to one or the other typical issues that create hindrance in upload or download file attachment

Google; being a leading email service provider support file attachment functionality that helps in uploading files and sending it to the recipient without any hassle. The file can be uploaded as well as certain criteria are matched before authorizing the former to get uploaded successfully.

File with .bat and .exe formats cannot be uploaded as certain protocols are formulated by Google mail to prevent such kind of attachments from getting uploaded or downloaded on PC or Smartphone device

Reasons behind Gmail Attachment Failure Issues

There are certain reasons due to which Gmail does not allow the user to upload and download attachments:

  • Attachment size limits.
  • Restrictions on upload of certain file extensions.
  • Firewall issues.
  • Web browser compatibility issues.
  • Obsolete Gmail App.
  • Issues with the latest version of Gmail account.
  • Proxy settings not allowing attachment to upload.

How to Fix Gmail Attachment Failed Errors?

Here are certain methods to fix Gmail attachment failed errors:

Adobe Flash:

Do make sure that the Adobe Flash player installed on Gmail. The latest versions of Gmail have attachment Upload feature that works with the help of Adobe Flash. Obsolete version of an Adobe product installed on the device return errors while uploading and downloading the email attachment.

Check the version of Adobe Flash player and upgrade it to the latest one for resolving the Google mail attachment upload and download issues.

Web Browser:

  1. Make sure that the latest version of the web browser has been installed on the device. Do check it if it has not become obsolete that prevents upload and download attachment functionality.
  2. Keep switching the browser and see if this strategy works well for you.
  3. Make sure the internet connection is working on a proper note and the browser is not in offline mode.
  4. Disable the proxy and try uploading or downloading attachments upon accessing Google mail account.
  5. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a web browser, try uploading or downloading attachments opening a private window in browser (Ctrl+shift+N)

Attachment Uploader:

Google mail has an advanced attachment Uploader that can be switched to the basic version in case bandwidth issue preventing you from uploading or downloading the necessary file upon accessing the email It can be done by following the necessary steps:

  1. Go the gear icon and click on settings
  2. Navigate to the general tab and go to attachment section
  3. Switch from advanced attachment features to the basic version

Device Change:

On some occasions, web browser compatibility issues with OS arise that prevent users from using any functionality as scripts that supports attachment uploader stops responding.

In such case, you change the device and access Google mail account again to upload or download files.

Technical Strategies to Fix Gmail Attachment Issues:

  • Using Email Client App installed on a Desktop or Mobile Device:
  • Disable HTTPS
  • Contact Google Support


As there are lots of options available to fix Google mail attachment upload or download issues. Still, in case it does not work and the problem seems to be getting more complex, then it is advised to contact the Google customer service experts rather than adding more complexity to the issue.

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