Has your Apple ID been disabled or blocked? If you’re not aware of the same due to no access from last many days, then the certain alert messages coming across during the iCloud account sign-in, will let you know regarding the account status.

  1. This Apple ID has been locked or disabled due to security reasons
  2. You can’t log in as your Apple ID is disabled because of privacy concerns
  3. Your Apple ID has been disabled due to violation of Terms and conditions
  4. Several Hacking attempts from the unknown locations disabled your Apple ID


Queries Often Placed by Apple Users

  1. “How do I get Apple ID Enabled?”
  2. “What it actually means your Apple ID has been disabled?”
  3. What should you do when Apple ID is disabled
  4. My Apple ID disabled!!what to do about it


Why Apple ID Gets Disabled?

As there are various reasons behind Apple ID getting disabled spontaneously, it’s actually meant for the benefit of users; who are not aware what’s going on the screen. Due to huge office workload or bulk work pressure, you generally prefer; not to access Apple or iCloud and opt to finish off the pending work that keeps getting piled up day-by-day.

Cyberpunks; who are in the hunt to grab confidential details of Apple users, often try to access the iCloud account once they come to know about the Apple ID. They make several attempts for gaining unauthorized access to Apple iCloud account to perform data as well as identity theft. Apple considers such kind of failed login attempts as malicious endeavor to hack accounts and therefore disables the Apple ID for a certain time period.


Apple ID can also get disabled due to your negligence as well. This is how it can happen:

  • Entering invalid Apple ID and sign-in password too many times
  • Accessing Apple iCloud account from the numerous devices at a time.
  • Using insecure network to access Apple account
  • It’s been huge time gap since you have accessed Apple account
  • Unable to answer correctly for security questions set to access Apple account


Absolute Methods to Enable Disabled Apple ID

  1. Reset Your Apple ID on PC and Mac.
  2. Using Two-Factor Authentication on Mac or iOS Device.
  3. Immediate Log out of Multiple Devices.
  4. Contact Apple Support Directly.

Method 1: Steps to Reset Your Apple ID on Desktop/Laptop

1. Find Your Apple ID

  • Open any desired web browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla and type the URL

  • As you enter the details correctly, enter the captcha code, proceed further by clicking continue button.
  • If you enter the details correctly, the new page is displayed with a message “Apple ID Found”
  • In case the  login credentials are disabled, try accessing the Apple account by resetting password

2.  Reset Apple iCloud Password

  • Click on the link ‘Forgot Apple ID or password’
  • Enter your Apple ID correctly in the box and fill captcha code
  • Click on continue button and tick the radio button next to the option “I need to reset my password”
  • Click on continue button and tick on radio button next to the option “Get An Email”
  • You will see a message on the new slide “Password Reset Email Sent”
  • Look for the message sent by Apple accessing the recovery email address
  • Open the mail and click on the link “Reset now”
  • Doing this, a new tab is opened on the web browser, where you’re asked to enter the strong password.
  • Click on Reset Password Button to enable the disabled Apple ID or account.


Method 2: Using Two Factor Verification on iOS or Mac Device

On iPhone or Other iOS Device

  • Unlock any of the iOS device being used by you
  • Launch the Home screen and Tap on Settings
  • As the new slide is displayed, Look for Apple Profile
  • Tap on it to find ‘Password & Security’
  • Tap on Change Password and enter the new passcode

On Mac Device

  • Unlock your Mac device with authentic Apple ID password
  • Go to Apple Menu and then System Preferences to access iCloud Account details
  • Select Security and Tap on reset password as seen on the screen
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset/change iCloud Password

Note: Once you reset Apple ID password successfully through any of these, access the Apple account with new login credentials and update the password in Itunes, App Store as well as on  Mac for its streamlined functioning.


Method 3: Immediate Logout from Multiple Devices

In case you’re a Mac or iOS device user, then you can immediately log out from multiple devices. Upon Apple id Password recovery, the first and foremost step that has to be taken is logging out from multiple devices as the Apple ID gets disabled due to this reason as well


Method 4: Contact Apple Support

Contacting Apple support in case any of the methods mentioned above, does not help you a great deal to enable disabled Apple ID.

  • Unlock your iOS or Mac device and open Safari web browser
  • Just type the URL
  • Choose the option ‘disabled Apple ID’
  • Once done, you can have a word with expert through phone or interact with them through online chat session
  • You can also email Apple Support for placing a request to enable disabled Apple ID


Recommendations to Prevent Apple Id From Getting Disabled Again

  • As your Apple ID is now enabled after following the proper procedure, the user can follow recommended tips to prevent an Apple ID  from getting disabled again.
  • Try not to share your Apple ID with every person. Just restrict it to yourself and share with trusted ones only.
  • Prefer logging into the Apple account using Mac or iOS device as they are the most trusted ones.
  • Reset Apple Password rather than making invalid attempts that actually leads to Apple ID getting disabled. Provide a secure password that cannot be guessed easily.
  • Enable Two-Step Verification without any further delay to prevent login attempts from the unauthorized users.
  • Keep accessing Apple ID once or twice in a week to prevent it from getting disabled due to account inactivity.


Wrapping up with Conclusion

Disabled Apple ID cannot be a great feeling to anyone. Many tasks get piled up if users are not aware of the proper technique to access Apple iCloud account. It’s recommended to be patient rather than adopting unwanted steps that can make things more complicated. Being familiar with the method to enable Apple ID is the best way to prevent yourself from facing the critical situation.

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