There is a big revelation from Apple Inc this week, which has shaken the global market altogether. The manufacturing of MicroLED screen by Apple for its gadgets is considered as one of the biggest investments to be made by the technology giant.

The decision of manufacturing its own device display will be rolled out in the form of making the small number of screens for testing purpose with an aim to make users aware of the same.

However, the step taken by Apple Inc can prove to be a significant one in terms of investment made in the development of next-generation MicroLED screens. But, this revelation can have an adverse impact on US and Asian markets that used to manufacture and supply OLED Screens.

The Apple has promised that its upcoming gadgets with the MicroLED screen, would be far slimmer, brighter as well as possess more power backup. But the experts have come up with the view that it would be far more difficult to produce or manufacture MicroLED screen as compared to OLED ones as the former require different light emitting compounds.

This was the only reason why the company decided to kill this project last year itself after taking its expenses into consideration. Since then, various engineers were deployed to make this project cost-effective and things now seem feasible with technology getting more advanced than before.

As it is clear the users have to wait for few years before the new gadgets manufactured by Apple comes up with new LED screen. The Apple is looking to make its ambitions come true by starting the in-house manufacturing of MicroLED screen.

Though the company has gained specialization in terms of designing chips to enhance the performance of gadgets since last many years, its intrusion in the manufacturing of device display will affect screen maker suppliers the most in USA and Asia.

The news once unleashed Monday morning, crushed the shares of Universal Display Corp to 16 %. This company’s proficiency has always been into incepting key technologies and it possesses knowledge of OLED intellectual properties. There is a distress amongst the investors as they are quite worried upon thinking about the possibilities of Apple MicroLED to surpass the technology of Universal Display Corp.

One of the biggest tycoons in Asia like Samsung Electronics, Sharp Corporation, as well as Japan Display; who are unbeatable in terms of manufacturing display screen, are hugely impacted with the action, taken by Apple Inc to manufacture chip screen interfaces.

Shares of Japan Display going down by 4.8 percent and 3.4 as well as 1.4 percent respectively for Sharp and Samsung is the evidence, Asian companies have gone down with the upsurge of Apple Inc, who has decided to manufacture MicroLED device screens for their gadgets. As of now, the company has decided to use this technology in Apple Watch and test if everything is going fine as per the expectation.

As per the expert’s view

“Frankly speaking, it won’t be an easy cakewalk for Apple Inc to manufacture or develop  MicroLED screen. Mass production of the LED screen as per the device size, requires new equipment. It’s quite possible that the time, Apple accomplishes the tasks, the new technology would peep up  and there would be no one; who appreciate the efforts of the company developing a MicroLED screen for its gadgets.”

Really, it would not be an easy task for Apple as creating MicroLED screens is actually a  complex process. There are certain attributes that are to be considered by Apple Inc while getting started to develop the MicroLED screen for iWatch on which testing has to be done.

  • Millions of individual pixels are to be contained in the device that actually depends on the screen
  • Each pixel has three sub-pixels that can be identified with red, green and blue color
  • The tiny LEDs would be  individually created as well as calibrated
  • Each of the piece what is known as ‘donor wafer’ that constitute a part gets transformed into MicroLED Screen


Upon going through this news, it is clearly understood that this MicroLED technology to be started by Apple INC, will be developed for iOS devices not before 3-4 years down the line as this technology is confined to be used in Apple watch.

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