OS Compatibility

Do you generally get confronted with OS compatibility issues while using any services offered by Google?

If yes, then not to worry as you are not a single person dealing with such problem as many users accessing Google services keep facing one or the other trouble on a consistent basis.

As Google is quite a renowned search engine, it also offers varied services availing which; users can accomplish much-necessary activities at ease.

To start from Gmail services, Analytics, webmaster tool, AdSense, AdWord, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Chrome web browser, Google+, G-Suite App;  magnificent services are being offered by Google to the users.

But the device OS compatibility issues sometimes create problems for them. Due to this terrible problem, users are not able to perform any task properly. As these services are accessed both on the desktop as well as Smartphone; the obsolete version of OS installed on a device, creates an obstacle in one or the other way.

As the browser or App keeps getting updated from time to time, there are certain scripts that confront issues upon contradiction with device OS coding. This is the only reason, users face problem while using the browser or applications installed on PC or smartphone device.

Reasons behind Google Service Compatibility issues with Device OS

  • YouTube does not support error due to cache file accumulation
  • Network issues not allowing to avail webmaster services
  • The Outdated OS version installed on a PC or Smartphone device
  • App installed on a PC or mobile device is obsolete
  • Virus or bugs not allowing Google services to be compatible with device OS

OS Compatibility Issues in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

The compatibility issues in Windows OS are quite common as they have created havoc for the users; who are unable to avail authentic services by Google (mentioned above). There are certain compatibility issues that create problems while using Google services.

  • 32 Bit Vs 64 Bit Compatibility Issues
  • Driver compatibility issues
  • App version compatibility with OS

Windows OS compatibility issues occur on an unexpected basis but are quite minimal. These issues cannot be rectified by users alone as they are completely non-technical and lack essential knowledge.


  • Search for an App shortcut icon on the desktop
  • Right click on the app once found and click on the option “Troubleshoot compatibility”
  • Windows 7 OS will also try and look to detect compatibility issues that deliver two options which are “Try Recommended Settings” and “Troubleshoot Programs”.
  • Try using the first option, If it doesn’t work, opt for the other one.
  • As Windows OS applies selected settings, click on start and then navigate to program list in order to check if the settings have been applied successfully.

Compatibility problems can be quite vexing, but you would be glad to know that Microsoft has always offered customer support with an effective workaround.

OS Compatibility Issues with Google Service on Smartphone Device

There are several OS compatibility issues with App launched by Google to create hindrance in availing essential services on a Smartphone device. One or the other complex issues that kept occurring on a consistent basis does not allow any user to work on the App.

Here are the essential methods to fix OS compatibility issues with Google Apps installed on Smartphone device or Tabs.

Method 1: Go to App store and clear cache files. Restart the device if necessary to make the changes effective.

Method 2: Check the App if it is obsolete and needs Uninstall the App and reinstall it from a Google Play store or App store if you are using Android or iOS device

Method 3: Network issues sometimes create an obstacle in availing Google services through App. ISP sometimes restricts the user from availing particular services offered by Google. Just remove the SIM from the tray fixed in the device and then re-insert it. Reboot the device and we are sure the errors will not crop up again.

Method 4: Update the Android or iOS version installed on the device as it can be one of the reasons behind malfunctioning of Google Apps installed on a smartphone device.

In case, the compatibility issues are not fixed even after applying the techniques or methods that have been mentioned in this blog, then contacting Google customer service can be the best option for you rather than adding more complexity to the issue.

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