Resolve Yahoo mail Forgot Password Issue

Yahoo Mail Forgot Password

Yahoo has a large number of users. Shortly after the birth of Internet, Yahoo was born. It has a number of dedicated users making use of its different services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo finance, Yahoo cricket, Yahoo news, Yahoo answers, etc. Basically, Yahoo offers most of the services for a user’s day to day needs. Even since the birth of Yahoo, its users have been encountering problems related to Yahoo mail forgot password. Now with the introduction of many new features on Yahoo, the question how to reset Yahoo password has gained wide prominence. Some Yahoo services require you to have an Email account and remain logged in to your Yahoo account. Some other Yahoo services can be accessed even if you do not have an Email account.

When Do you Encounter Yahoo Mail Forgot Password Issue:

Yahoo mail forgot password issue can be encountered in cases when you no longer have access to your Yahoo password. It can be due to numerous reasons:

  • Forgot Yahoo password.
  • Hacked Yahoo Account.

These normally occur due to the negligence on our part. You can take certain steps to make sure that you remember your FB account and do not provide any change to anyone to hack your Yahoo account. This may be done by following certain steps:

  • Maintain a strong password.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.
  • Never login on public computers, like cybercafé, consoles, etc.
  • Do not connect to public Wi-Fi.
  • Do not log in to your account on others computer.
  • Always log out of your account.
  • Check for keyloggers, or other such software.
  • Install a good antivirus. Keep the antivirus up to date.
  • Always browse verified websites.
  • Install a proper firewall on your system.

These methods will help you keep your account safe from hacking attempts.

Why the need for Yahoo password recovery

The need of Yahoo password reset is quite crucial. In case you forget your Yahoo password you cannot login to your Yahoo account. This may hamper your communications with the today’s world as you won’t be able to receive or send messages. Yahoo password recovery option is provided for such users. This helps you reset your Yahoo password even if you do not know the Yahoo password.

How to reset yahoo password

In case you forgot your Yahoo mail password and have no idea how to recover Yahoo password, you can reset Yahoo password on your own if you follow the process as outlined below. Different methods to reset Yahoo password is explained below:

Reset Yahoo password using recovery phone number:

  • Visit Yahoo Sign-in helper.
  • Enter your Yahoo recovery mobile phone number.
  • Choose the option to receive the text message on phone by clicking the button “Text me a code”.
  • Yahoo then sends verification text code to your Yahoo recovery phone number.
  • Enter the verification code in the text box that appears.
  • Click on the Verify.
  • Enter the new password twice, and then your password is reset successfully.

This method can be used in case you have no access to your recovery Email address, or don’t know the answer to your security questions.

Reset your Yahoo Password by answering Security Question

  • Browse to Yahoo sign-in helper.
  • Click on the text “I have a problem resetting password”.
  • Enter your Yahoo id.
  • Enter captcha code if prompted.
  • Select the Option, “Reset password with secret question” and then click on next.
  • You are prompted with secret questions.
  • Answer the security questions and click next to enter the new password.
  • Then your Yahoo password is successfully changed.

This method of Yahoo password recovery is useful when you do not have access to your Yahoo recovery phone number and Yahoo recovery Email address.

Recover Yahoo Password Using Secondary Email Address:

  • Browse to Yahoo Sign-in helper.
  • Enter Yahoo email address for which you want to recover the password.
  • Click on continue.
  • Click the link “I don’t have access to the phone”.
  • A new option appears “Do you have any secondary email address?”.
  • Click “Yes send me the code”.
  • Input the code sent to recovery email address.
  • Click on verify.
  • Enter the password twice at the designated location.

You can use this method to reset your Yahoo password in case you have no access to your recovery phone number or don’t know the answer to your security questions.

Why contact Email Support Number for Yahoo password reset?

Sometimes even after following the steps mentioned users are not able to reset their Yahoo password. In such cases, it is quite necessary to avail the services of Email Support for Yahoo password reset. At Email Support Yahoo password helper is available 24*7 who help you reset the password for your account.

Help for some other Yahoo password related problem is also provided. You can get support for Hacked Yahoo account, change the password of Yahoo account and more such options. Some other advanced problems can also be fixed by dialing Yahoo customer support help phone number.