As far as the X in the recently unveiled iPhone is concerned, it metamorphically denotes the Roman numeral 10. After the first iPhone that was rolled out in the year 2007, it’s exactly 10 years and so in a way, the iPhone X is almost like a special edition phone.

Leaving aside all the debate whether it is X or 10,  the device does pack a punch with some innovative features. The design is stunning and unlike its predecessors, it comes with an engrossing OLED screen. It is the first iPhone that has completely done away with the iconic home button.

Fair enough to say, the iPhone X is in the news for all the right reasons. But is that so?

Despite Apple’s claims of the device being devoid of any glitch, it isn’t exactly the case. Smartphone’s, in particular, do have nagging issues and it is the same with the recent edition of iPhone as well. In a way, the iPhone X is indeed missing the ex- factor.

In this blog, we are attempting to shed some light on the issues related to iPhone X and the possible fixes, which will assist the users to run their device, without having to face any major obstacle.


Problems with iPhone X – How to fix them?

The issue of Screen burns -in: The OLED screen in iPhone X are prone to burn in, over time. This usually, occurs when a static image on the screen gets completely burned into the display. So, if you are leaving the phone on for a few moments, the icon of the app will get burned into the screen. In a recent statement, Apple did warn the users of the problem and it might occur in the future models, as well.


Solution :

  • It would be a good idea to reduce the brightness levels on the device and Apple has the same recommendations. To do so, you can open the Control Center and set the brightness slider to a lower mode.
  • One of the reasons for screen- burn is the static images. In that cases, you can turn off the screen, while not in use. Set your display to turn off automatically, after 30 or 60 seconds of inactivity.


The prominent green line on the screen: There have been a few incidents, where a small number of users have found a persistent green line on the right or left side of their screen. To some, it appears that it’s a hardware issue, while to other, it more likely appears to be a blot.



  • To be fair, Apple is still looking at the problem and recalling the units with this problem. It is also assessing the affected devices, so as to identify the core issue. If you too have an issue with the device, it seems approaching an expert by using the Apple iCloud customer service number will do some good.


Speakers not working properly: Some of the iPhone X users are not exactly satisfied with the performance of the speakers. The users get a crackling noise if they put the speakers on high volume.  As of now, it is unclear if the problem is a software or hardware related issue. Nevertheless, Apple is indeed working overtime to fix the problem and one can expect an update very soon.


Solution :

  • For the best results, stop using the speakers at high volume.
  • Use EarPods instead.

The problems, in general, seem to be limited to a few number of phones and almost all the affected units are being replaced by Apple. So, on that front, the user is completely safe.

Final Thoughts

Most of the issues we have discussed are temporary and Apple will soon come up with something to fix the same. After all,  it is the special edition iPhone X and there is a lot at stake, as far as Apple’s reputation is concerned.

If you are having any issue with the iPhone X, make sure to get in touch with the professionals or use the

Apple iCloud customer helpline number.


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