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Creating a Hotmail Account is No More a Tricky Process for Anyone!! Try It Now

The day Hotmail has been taken over by Outlook; it has become quite easier for email users as they have got rid of the lengthy process to get registered with Microsoft account. Now Hotmail sign up process is not that complex as it was used to be before. The user just needs to fill up the short sign-up form to get MSN Hotmail sign-in without any hassle.

Are you worried about Hotmail account security upon Signup? Don’t worry!! Everything is secure.

Every user has a bit of anxiety in regards to security while looking to create an email account. But you should not worry about it anymore. Microsoft takes care of everything and looks into each and every aspect in favor of the user, whenever he/she thinks about creating a new Hotmail account.

This is the only reason, why Microsoft asks for security questions, recovery phone number as well as alternate email address during the registration of Hotmail new account. These details are mandatory during registration so that users can perform the Hotmail account Login anytime if they are unable to recall the legitimate sign-in password.

As these things are just an assumption so we should come back to a current topic, which is all about how to create Hotmail account.

To make things easier for the user, we are elaborating all the methods through which, users can go through the Hotmail register steps enumerated below and choose the best one as per their convenience.

Things to Consider While Implementing Hotmail Sign Up

  • While entering the desired login id in the Hotmail create account form, make sure that you can be convenient for you to remember the same while entering the login credentials.
  • The password you provide in the Hotmail sign-up form should be in the upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers.
  • Do not think about creating Hotmail accounts at public places through the insecure network as the hackers are always in a hunt to grab all your confidential details.


Let’s go through the Steps for Hotmail Email Account Signup

  • Launch a web browser window seen on the desktop/laptop.
  • Type on the address bar and press enter.
  • Once you do the same, you are redirected to the login page of with Microsoft icon on the top.
  • If you are new and have never registered before with Microsoft, then click the link “Create One”.
  • Upon clicking this link, you are redirected to a new page where the new Hotmail account can be created.
  • Provide the first and last name and along with the desired login id that you want to see in the hotmail account.
  • Enter the password twice and select the country in which you are presently located. Also, select the correct country code as listed upon opening the drop down menu.
  • Do not forget to provide the secondary email address and recovery phone number in the form.
  • Click the create account button mentioned underneath the Hotmail Account sign up form, but make sure that doing this, you accept the terms and condition mentioned in the Microsoft Service Agreement.
  • Once the button is clicked, a message appears “Congratulations, Microsoft Hotmail account has been created successfully”.

Hope, these steps can really help you in Hotmail account login upon successful sign-up. In case, any trouble occurs, contact Hotmail customer support team just by giving a call at the official Microsoft toll free phone number.

Change Hotmail password

Is It A Feasible Task to Change Hotmail Password on PC or Mobile Device?

As the cybercrime is approaching the peak with passing days, it has become quite essential to change Hotmail password. Though Microsoft offers comprehensive security to the registered webmail account users still, it is quite necessary to keep making changes in Hotmail password. A sudden breach in webmail security may create lots of problems for a user; whose important documents and messages are stored in their Hotmail email account.

The plenty of webmail users is unaware of the steps regarding how to change Hotmail password.  With the advancement in technology, people have started accessing their Microsoft email accounts on the Android/iOS device. But; when it comes to making changes in Hotmail password using the mobile device, most of them have no idea about it.

Reasons Why People Cannot Change Hotmail Password at their Will?

Some of the registered Microsoft email subscribers have knowledge about how to change Hotmail password on Android/iOS or through the PC device, but they are not able to apply certain methods for changing MS webmail account password.  It’s their lack of good fortune that one or the other hurdle, keep occurring on an abrupt basis every now & then and eventually users can not change Hotmail password on mobile as well as PC device; irrespective of OS installed on it.

  • A user unable to access the Hotmail account even after entering correct login credentials.
  • Webmail server not responding or server outage issues not allowing users to change the password.
  • Unresponsive script errors preventing the users from changing Hotmail password without code.
  • Cannot recall forgotten Microsoft account user id, which is essential to change Hotmail account password.
  • Hotmail change password option not working up to the mark.


How do I change My Hotmail Password? Suggest Essential Methodology

There are certain methodologies available to change Hotmail password as those have to be implemented properly by executing prescribed steps for making modifications in email password without any failure. It is quite an easy process to change Hotmail password on PC & the mobile device through a web browser. But, users generally have feasibility while making changes in Microsoft account password through the Android /iOS device with App.

Here is the answer to the question “ How do I change Hotmail Password” that keeps on striking in the mind of users, when they face quite a lot of troubles while making modifications in Hotmail account password. For their convenience, certain methods are unveiled below, along with the steps that need to be implemented for making changes in Hotmail Password on PC and smartphone device.

Change Hotmail Password through Web Browser on PC and Smartphone device

  • Open a web browser of your choice and type
  • As the page is displayed successfully, enter the registered email account associated with Microsoft account.
  • Press the next button and enter the authentic Hotmail account password.
  • Now click on the sign-in button and wait for the inbox dashboard to get displayed.
  • Once the inbox dashboard is displayed, navigate your mouse to the profile image icon.
  • By clicking the same, certain drop down menu appears with certain options reflecting on it
  • By clicking the same, you will find the change password option on the left side of the screen where your account details are reflected.
  • Once you do the same, a new page appears in which you need to authenticate yourself as a valid account holder of Hotmail account.
  • Click on the sign-in button and proceed ahead to execute further steps.
  • As the new page is displayed, you are asked to receive an OTP on registered email address or recovery phone number associated with the Hotmail account. Press the button “Send Code”.
  • Once you provide the OTP code received on webmail account or phone, enter the same
  • Now tick the box as well alongside the message “I sign in frequently on this device. Don’t ask me for a code.”
  • Click on the submit button and wait for the Hotmail change password page to get displayed.
  • As it gets displayed, enter the current password in the first box and the new password twice in the next two boxes. Now click on the continue button and get the password changed on an instant basis.
  • Once you change the password successfully, modify the password on the email client app if you have already configured a Hotmail account in the Outlook or Thunderbird application, installed on PC or smartphone device.

Change Hotmail Password through the App Installed on Android and iOS Device

  • Unlock Android or iOS smartphone device and tap on email app.
  • Tap until you reach the account settings.
  • Once you find account settings, tap on it and navigate to the option ‘incoming settings’.
  • Enter the new password and tap on the Save button in order to make changes effective.

Users; generally, look for different options to change Hotmail password without code.  But, they do not find any such process that can help them in modifying email password without providing OTP code that is sent to the recovery email address or phone number for authenticating the user ownership over the email account. The reason behind the OTP code being asked during the Hotmail password change is to verify the authenticity of the Hotmail user before allowing him/her to make changes in the account password. Protocol of changing email password with OTP code is formulated by Microsoft to maintain account security. This is the only reason, not a single news is prevailing in the web world regarding data security breach since the inception of Hotmail webmail services that is frequently happening during loopholes in other prominent webmail servers.