Troubled with OS Compatibility Issues While Using Google Services!! Solutions Available

Do you generally get confronted with OS compatibility issues while using any services offered by Google?

If yes, then not to worry as you are not a single person dealing with such problem as many users accessing Google services keep facing one or the other trouble on a consistent basis.

As Google is quite a renowned search engine, it also offers varied services availing which; users can accomplish much-necessary activities at ease.

To start from Gmail services, Analytics, webmaster tool, AdSense, AdWord, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Chrome web browser, Google+, G-Suite App;  magnificent services are being offered by Google to the users.

But the device OS compatibility issues sometimes create problems for them. Due to this terrible problem, users are not able to perform any task properly. As these services are accessed both on the desktop as well as Smartphone; the obsolete version of OS installed on a device, creates an obstacle in one or the other way.

As the browser or App keeps getting updated from time to time, there are certain scripts that confront issues upon contradiction with device OS coding. This is the only reason, users face problem while using the browser or applications installed on PC or smartphone device.

Reasons behind Google Service Compatibility issues with Device OS

  • YouTube does not support error due to cache file accumulation
  • Network issues not allowing to avail webmaster services
  • The Outdated OS version installed on a PC or Smartphone device
  • App installed on a PC or mobile device is obsolete
  • Virus or bugs not allowing Google services to be compatible with device OS

OS Compatibility Issues in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

The compatibility issues in Windows OS are quite common as they have created havoc for the users; who are unable to avail authentic services by Google (mentioned above). There are certain compatibility issues that create problems while using Google services.

  • 32 Bit Vs 64 Bit Compatibility Issues
  • Driver compatibility issues
  • App version compatibility with OS

Windows OS compatibility issues occur on an unexpected basis but are quite minimal. These issues cannot be rectified by users alone as they are completely non-technical and lack essential knowledge.


  • Search for an App shortcut icon on the desktop
  • Right click on the app once found and click on the option “Troubleshoot compatibility”
  • Windows 7 OS will also try and look to detect compatibility issues that deliver two options which are “Try Recommended Settings” and “Troubleshoot Programs”.
  • Try using the first option, If it doesn’t work, opt for the other one.
  • As Windows OS applies selected settings, click on start and then navigate to program list in order to check if the settings have been applied successfully.

Compatibility problems can be quite vexing, but you would be glad to know that Microsoft has always offered customer support with an effective workaround.

OS Compatibility Issues with Google Service on Smartphone Device

There are several OS compatibility issues with App launched by Google to create hindrance in availing essential services on a Smartphone device. One or the other complex issues that kept occurring on a consistent basis does not allow any user to work on the App.

Here are the essential methods to fix OS compatibility issues with Google Apps installed on Smartphone device or Tabs.

Method 1: Go to App store and clear cache files. Restart the device if necessary to make the changes effective.

Method 2: Check the App if it is obsolete and needs Uninstall the App and reinstall it from a Google Play store or App store if you are using Android or iOS device

Method 3: Network issues sometimes create an obstacle in availing Google services through App. ISP sometimes restricts the user from availing particular services offered by Google. Just remove the SIM from the tray fixed in the device and then re-insert it. Reboot the device and we are sure the errors will not crop up again.

Method 4: Update the Android or iOS version installed on the device as it can be one of the reasons behind malfunctioning of Google Apps installed on a smartphone device.

In case, the compatibility issues are not fixed even after applying the techniques or methods that have been mentioned in this blog, then contacting Google customer service can be the best option for you rather than adding more complexity to the issue.

Attachment Upload and Download Issues in Google Mail

Attachment upload and download issues in Gmail are quite common these days. Several complaints come across from the users end in this regards. There are several reasons behind it and one common problem amongst them is a compatibility issue with the web browser.

Though unresponsive script errors also create problems during the upload and download attachments in Google mail once in a blue moon, the experience to deal with such problems is quite horrific.

Gmail users encounter different types of error whenever they look to upload or download email attachments. The errors occur due to one or the other typical issues that create hindrance in upload or download file attachment

Google; being a leading email service provider support file attachment functionality that helps in uploading files and sending it to the recipient without any hassle. The file can be uploaded as well as certain criteria are matched before authorizing the former to get uploaded successfully.

File with .bat and .exe formats cannot be uploaded as certain protocols are formulated by Google mail to prevent such kind of attachments from getting uploaded or downloaded on PC or Smartphone device

Reasons behind Gmail Attachment Failure Issues

There are certain reasons due to which Gmail does not allow the user to upload and download attachments:

  • Attachment size limits.
  • Restrictions on upload of certain file extensions.
  • Firewall issues.
  • Web browser compatibility issues.
  • Obsolete Gmail App.
  • Issues with the latest version of Gmail account.
  • Proxy settings not allowing attachment to upload.

How to Fix Gmail Attachment Failed Errors?

Here are certain methods to fix Gmail attachment failed errors:

Adobe Flash:

Do make sure that the Adobe Flash player installed on Gmail. The latest versions of Gmail have attachment Upload feature that works with the help of Adobe Flash. Obsolete version of an Adobe product installed on the device return errors while uploading and downloading the email attachment.

Check the version of Adobe Flash player and upgrade it to the latest one for resolving the Google mail attachment upload and download issues.

Web Browser:

  1. Make sure that the latest version of the web browser has been installed on the device. Do check it if it has not become obsolete that prevents upload and download attachment functionality.
  2. Keep switching the browser and see if this strategy works well for you.
  3. Make sure the internet connection is working on a proper note and the browser is not in offline mode.
  4. Disable the proxy and try uploading or downloading attachments upon accessing Google mail account.
  5. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a web browser, try uploading or downloading attachments opening a private window in browser (Ctrl+shift+N)

Attachment Uploader:

Google mail has an advanced attachment Uploader that can be switched to the basic version in case bandwidth issue preventing you from uploading or downloading the necessary file upon accessing the email It can be done by following the necessary steps:

  1. Go the gear icon and click on settings
  2. Navigate to the general tab and go to attachment section
  3. Switch from advanced attachment features to the basic version

Device Change:

On some occasions, web browser compatibility issues with OS arise that prevent users from using any functionality as scripts that supports attachment uploader stops responding.

In such case, you change the device and access Google mail account again to upload or download files.

Technical Strategies to Fix Gmail Attachment Issues:

  • Using Email Client App installed on a Desktop or Mobile Device:
  • Disable HTTPS
  • Contact Google Support


As there are lots of options available to fix Google mail attachment upload or download issues. Still, in case it does not work and the problem seems to be getting more complex, then it is advised to contact the Google customer service experts rather than adding more complexity to the issue.

Having Problems Uploading to YouTube – Here’s What You Need to Do


Are you facing problems uploading videos to YouTube? The reasons may vary, but one of the common reasons might be this:-

• There is a strict limit on a number of videos you can upload on YouTube.
• It depends on the length of the video and the format you are trying to upload a well.

The process to post a video on YouTube is a bit tricky. You have to comply with the terms and conditions, which is one of the essential parts. In addition to these, there is a basic procedure, which you need to adhere to.


How to Upload Video to YouTube?


Here is Step by Step Video.

People, in general, are often confused and do ask “How to upload a video on YouTube”, which is not usually a complicated task. The steps involved are as follows: –


• Extract the copy of the video from your camera and store it on your PC.

• Sign-in to the YouTube account.
• Click on the Upload button, which is located on the right of the search bar.
• Choose the Video you want to upload and click Select Files to Upload.
• Click the Open button and you can now upload the video with considerable ease.

The key process to upload video to YouTube requires implementing the steps mentioned above. Once you are done with it, the video you want to upload is very much live and streaming on YouTube.


What are the Ideal YouTube Upload Video Formats?


The recommended YouTube upload formats are as follows: –


• MP4 (MPEG4)
• 3GP
• WebM


Why Do YouTube Uploaded Videos Not Show Up in Your Channel?


Wondering why YouTube uploaded Videos not showing in Channel? This is not really a big issue. Some of the reasons for the uploaded YouTube videos not showing in your channel can be : –


• The video is set to private, which means it is not available for public viewing.
• To change the settings, login to your YouTube account
• Click uploaded videos, wherein you will get access to the list of videos, you had uploaded until now
• Choose the video not showing on your channel and click Edit
• Scroll Down to Broadcasting and Sharing options and select Public
• Save the changes


But changing the settings, you will find the video on your channel. In case, the video was unlisted, this might also be a problem, which may restrict your videos from appearing on the channel.


What must be your prerogative in case you fail to upload the videos?


Uploading videos on YouTube can be a difficult process altogether if you are not quite familiar with the methods. Leaving aside the external factors, all the issues can be resolved. For this same reason, you might some useful suggestions by speaking to one of the experts using Google support helpline phone number.

How to Set Google as Your Default Search Engine – Understanding the Process and the Procedure

Are you dead set on making Google your default search engine?

Well, why not, since it seems practical and easy to use. Besides, Google has the numbers to indicate why it is so popular among the users worldwide.

As per the April ’17 figures published by Net Market Share, in terms of use of search engines, Google outperforms the others with a very large margin. The report clearly suggested that nearly 77% of the people use Google, which is fairly large and it is bound to increase more.

The numbers never lie!

If you need it, just Google it – that’s how easy it is. Do you see that with other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo?

Of course not

Now, if you are trying to make Google your default search engine, there are certain steps, which you have to follow. A series of logical steps are rather simple to follow and implement.


How to Change Search Settings?

In order to change the search settings in your web browser, frankly, you don’t have to dig down. A few clicks, here and there and you are done. It is not as complicated, as it appears to be. Irrespective of the type of browser, you can customize it to suit your search engine preferences.

To Change Search Settings into Google: –

  1. Click the search settings page
  2. Please ensure to login to your Google account
  3. Select Google in search settings
  4. Click Save at the bottom right page

So you see, it takes only a few minutes to change the search settings and you could do so while eating breakfast, over lunch or right before taking a nap. It is that simple.

How to Make Google Default Search Engine on Chrome?

Suffice to say, you are familiar with what Google does. Nevertheless, it is a search engine that basically provides relevant results to what you seek. So, if it comes to a point, where you ask yourself how to make Google my search engine, you might know the procedure as well. If not, we can surely help.

By and large, changing the search engine settings depends on the type of web browser you are using. Let’s look at the procedure involved in changing the search setting in Chrome, Mac, and Internet Explorer.

Procedure to Make Google Default Search Engine on Chrome

As far as making Google the default search engine on Chrome, all you have to do is: –

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your PC
  2. Click on the hamburger icon to access the drop down menu
  3. Click on Settings from the drop- down menu, which will then direct way to the Chrome browser settings page
  4. On the Chrome settings page, scroll down to the browse section engine and click on the Manage Search Engines and continue by selecting Google as your default search engine.

Once you are done with the task, the changes will get saved automatically. From now on, Google will be your default search engine.

Procedure to Make Google Default Search Engine on Internet Explorer

Since the objective is to make Google the default search engine on internet explorer, the procedure involved is as follows: –

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer
  2. Click on the down arrow button right next to the address bar
  3. Click on the Add menu from the drop down button
  4. You will then be directed towards the Internet Explorer Gallery page
  5. Look for the Google search icon on the Internet Explorer Gallery page and click on the add button
  6. A pop up window Add Search Provider will appear on the screen. Click on Add to make Google your default search engine.

Close the internet explorer and restart it and you will have Google as your search engine.

How to Change Search Settings to Google on Firefox?

Well to change search setting to Google on Firefox, you must do the following: –

  1. Open Firefox in your PC
  2. From the drop down list, select a search provider
  3. Choose Google and set it as your default search engine

Concluding Remarks

The procedures prescribed above will help you to change the search engine settings. With Google as your new default search engine, you can certainly do more. However, there are few occasions, where you might hit a roadblock. When things do not plan out the way perceive, it makes a lot of sense to seek the advice of experts, who can be reached at any point of time, regardless of where you are. Get in touch with the professionals by dialing the ever reliable Google customer service number, if you want to gain more insight.