How to Set Google as Your Default Search Engine – Understanding the Process and the Procedure

Are you dead set on making Google your default search engine?

Well, why not, since it seems practical and easy to use. Besides, Google has the numbers to indicate why it is so popular among the users worldwide.

As per the April ’17 figures published by Net Market Share, in terms of use of search engines, Google outperforms the others with a very large margin. The report clearly suggested that nearly 77% of the people use Google, which is fairly large and it is bound to increase more.

The numbers never lie!

If you need it, just Google it – that’s how easy it is. Do you see that with other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo?

Of course not

Now, if you are trying to make Google your default search engine, there are certain steps, which you have to follow. A series of logical steps are rather simple to follow and implement.


How to Change Search Settings?

In order to change the search settings in your web browser, frankly, you don’t have to dig down. A few clicks, here and there and you are done. It is not as complicated, as it appears to be. Irrespective of the type of browser, you can customize it to suit your search engine preferences.

To Change Search Settings into Google: –

  1. Click the search settings page
  2. Please ensure to login to your Google account
  3. Select Google in search settings
  4. Click Save at the bottom right page

So you see, it takes only a few minutes to change the search settings and you could do so while eating breakfast, over lunch or right before taking a nap. It is that simple.

How to Make Google Default Search Engine on Chrome?

Suffice to say, you are familiar with what Google does. Nevertheless, it is a search engine that basically provides relevant results to what you seek. So, if it comes to a point, where you ask yourself how to make Google my search engine, you might know the procedure as well. If not, we can surely help.

By and large, changing the search engine settings depends on the type of web browser you are using. Let’s look at the procedure involved in changing the search setting in Chrome, Mac, and Internet Explorer.

Procedure to Make Google Default Search Engine on Chrome

As far as making Google the default search engine on Chrome, all you have to do is: –

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your PC
  2. Click on the hamburger icon to access the drop down menu
  3. Click on Settings from the drop- down menu, which will then direct way to the Chrome browser settings page
  4. On the Chrome settings page, scroll down to the browse section engine and click on the Manage Search Engines and continue by selecting Google as your default search engine.

Once you are done with the task, the changes will get saved automatically. From now on, Google will be your default search engine.

Procedure to Make Google Default Search Engine on Internet Explorer

Since the objective is to make Google the default search engine on internet explorer, the procedure involved is as follows: –

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer
  2. Click on the down arrow button right next to the address bar
  3. Click on the Add menu from the drop down button
  4. You will then be directed towards the Internet Explorer Gallery page
  5. Look for the Google search icon on the Internet Explorer Gallery page and click on the add button
  6. A pop up window Add Search Provider will appear on the screen. Click on Add to make Google your default search engine.

Close the internet explorer and restart it and you will have Google as your search engine.

How to Change Search Settings to Google on Firefox?

Well to change search setting to Google on Firefox, you must do the following: –

  1. Open Firefox in your PC
  2. From the drop down list, select a search provider
  3. Choose Google and set it as your default search engine

Concluding Remarks

The procedures prescribed above will help you to change the search engine settings. With Google as your new default search engine, you can certainly do more. However, there are few occasions, where you might hit a roadblock. When things do not plan out the way perceive, it makes a lot of sense to seek the advice of experts, who can be reached at any point of time, regardless of where you are. Get in touch with the professionals by dialing the ever reliable Google customer service number, if you want to gain more insight.


Yahoo Mail POP3 Settings – A Perfect Way to Set Up Email Account at Ease

Yahoo Mail POP3 Settings – A Perfect Way to Set Up Email Account at Ease

Yahoo Mail POP3 Settings

Yahoo email messages can be easily accessed over the web. The majority of users perform this action several times in a day and they never find any difficulty doing this. They do not find any problem as compared to accessing the same messages on PC or smart phone devices. Yahoo mail servers play an essential role in receiving messages through email client apps whenever you need.

The comprehensive Yahoo mail settings are quite essential to send and receive messages through an email client application like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. You can easily setup and configure Yahoo account in the email client programs throughPOP3 settings.

In the third-party email client applications where Microsoft Outlook is topping the chart, the Yahoo mail POP settings, play an essential role in receiving the messages exclusively. The copy of messages is allowed to be kept in Yahoo Mail as a backup during setup of email accounts in the program installed on the device.

Yahoo POP settings detail to be used for configuration of an email account in Outlook or Thunderbird:

  • Yahoo! Mail POP server address:
  • Yahoo! Mail POP user name: Your valid Yahoo mail username (it can be the complete Y! email address)
  • Yahoo! Mail POP password: Your legitimate Yahoo password
  • Yahoo! Mail POP port: 995
  • Yahoo! Mail POP TLS/SSLrequired: Yes


How to Enable POP Access to Yahoo Email Account?

In order to receive Yahoo email messages in MS Outlook or Thunderbird, it is essential to enable Yahoo POP 3 settings.

  • Login in to Yahoo account entering the sign-in credentials.
  • Once you access Yahoo email account successfully, take your mouse to the Gear icon and click on settings option.
  • Now click on the Account category and look for options within it.
  • Click edit next to the yahoo email account details.
  • Once you do it, the email details are flashed up on the screen.
  • Do check that POP is selected as the default option under the option “ Access your Yahoo account elsewhere”.
  • Click the checkbox if you want to receive spam messages in the email client app that are actually getting accumulated in the email
  • Now click on the Save button to make changes effective.


Now, let’s move ahead and illustrate the steps to set up and configure a Yahoo account in different versions of Outlook as well as Thunderbird.

  1. Setup and Configure Yahoo Account in Outlook 2007 or Earlier

  • Open Outlook and select the File Tab
  • In the Info category, select Account and then account settings seen in the drop-down
  • Hover your mouse on the Email Tab and select New.
  • Now start with the setup of an email account in Outlook 2007 with Yahoo server settings

In the ‘Your Name’ box, type the Full Name

In the Email Address section, type your Yahoo email address.

– In the password section, types the password that your ISP provides

Again retype the password to confirm your authenticity.

Click Next to begin the auto-account setup process with the help of Yahoo email settings.

Click on finish button and then, close the Outlook interface

  1. Setup and Configure Yahoo Mail Account in Outlook 2010

  • Open the Outlook Application by double-clicking on the shortcut icon.
  • Select File tab and navigate to the Info category.
  • Now select Account category and then click on the Account settings option seen in the drop down list.
  • Now, go to the Email Tab and select new
  • Once done, get started with the setup of an email account in Outlook 2010 with Yahoo mail server settings

Type the Full Name within “Your Name“ Section

Provide A Yahoo email address in the “email address” section

Now Enter the password twice

Now get started with the auto-account process through Yahoo mail settings.

Click on finish button and then, close the Outlook interface.

  1. Setup and Configure Yahoo Mail Account in Outlook 2013 and 2016

  • Get started by double-clicking on the Outlook App shortcut icon seen on the desktop
  • Select the File tab and go to the Info category
  • Now select account option and then account setting in the dropdown
  • On the Email tab, select New
  • As it is done, move further to get started with the setup of an email account in Outlook 2013 and 2016 with the help of yahoo incoming mail server.

Enter the full name under the section “Your Name”.

Once done, type complete Yahoo email address under the section “Email Address”.

Enter the password to validate your authenticity on the Yahoo account.

Re-enter the password again.

Now go ahead with the configuration of an email account using Yahoo mail settings.

Once the configuration is done, click on finish and then save button to make changes effective.


  1. Setup and Configure Yahoo Mail Account in Thunderbird

With Thunderbird, you can easily set up the new Yahoo email account. But it is mandatory for the users to get the device connected to the internet for creating an account automatically.

Here are the steps to setup and configure Yahoo mail account with Thunderbird.

  • Create a profile in the prompted window to opening the Thunderbird Interface
  • Enter the account details in the dialog box like your name, email address, and password
  • Once the dialog box is displayed, you are asked to add a new email account
  • Tick on ‘Remember password’ to prevent yourself entering the password again (Optional)
  • Press the continue button doing which a message appears “Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database”
  • Tick on the radio button corresponding to the option POP3 and enter the details in the blanks seen in the screen “Yahoo mail pop settings”.


-Server Type : POP Mail Server

-Server Name:


-Port :995

-Connection Security (SSL/TSL): Enabled


  • Press the save button to make changes effective.

By following these above-mentioned steps to setup and configure Yahoo email account in Mozilla Thunderbird, you will be able to receive all the Yahoo incoming messages in Inbox folder keeping a copy of mails on the server.

Cant you still make it, dont worry contact Yahoo via officail phone number and get it all done in no time.

sign up hotmail

Creating a Hotmail Account is No More a Tricky Process for Anyone!! Try It Now

The day Hotmail has been taken over by Outlook; it has become quite easier for email users as they have got rid of the lengthy process to get registered with Microsoft account. Now Hotmail sign up process is not that complex as it was used to be before. The user just needs to fill up the short sign-up form to get MSN Hotmail sign-in without any hassle.

Are you worried about Hotmail account security upon Signup? Don’t worry!! Everything is secure.

Every user has a bit of anxiety in regards to security while looking to create an email account. But you should not worry about it anymore. Microsoft takes care of everything and looks into each and every aspect in favor of the user, whenever he/she thinks about creating a new Hotmail account.

This is the only reason, why Microsoft asks for security questions, recovery phone number as well as alternate email address during the registration of Hotmail new account. These details are mandatory during registration so that users can perform the Hotmail account Login anytime if they are unable to recall the legitimate sign-in password.

As these things are just an assumption so we should come back to a current topic, which is all about how to create Hotmail account.

To make things easier for the user, we are elaborating all the methods through which, users can go through the Hotmail register steps enumerated below and choose the best one as per their convenience.

Things to Consider While Implementing Hotmail Sign Up

  • While entering the desired login id in the Hotmail create account form, make sure that you can be convenient for you to remember the same while entering the login credentials.
  • The password you provide in the Hotmail sign-up form should be in the upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers.
  • Do not think about creating Hotmail accounts at public places through the insecure network as the hackers are always in a hunt to grab all your confidential details.


Let’s go through the Steps for Hotmail Email Account Signup

  • Launch a web browser window seen on the desktop/laptop.
  • Type on the address bar and press enter.
  • Once you do the same, you are redirected to the login page of with Microsoft icon on the top.
  • If you are new and have never registered before with Microsoft, then click the link “Create One”.
  • Upon clicking this link, you are redirected to a new page where the new Hotmail account can be created.
  • Provide the first and last name and along with the desired login id that you want to see in the hotmail account.
  • Enter the password twice and select the country in which you are presently located. Also, select the correct country code as listed upon opening the drop down menu.
  • Do not forget to provide the secondary email address and recovery phone number in the form.
  • Click the create account button mentioned underneath the Hotmail Account sign up form, but make sure that doing this, you accept the terms and condition mentioned in the Microsoft Service Agreement.
  • Once the button is clicked, a message appears “Congratulations, Microsoft Hotmail account has been created successfully”.

Hope, these steps can really help you in Hotmail account login upon successful sign-up. In case, any trouble occurs, contact Hotmail customer support team just by giving a call at the official Microsoft toll free phone number.

Backup Your iOS Devices And Retain Your Crucial Data Whenever You Need

If you backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it will enable you to access a copy of the information in case your device is replaced, lost or damaged. You probably have some really, really crucial information on your iPhone, that you just can’t afford to lose; be it personal or professional. But in case if your device is stolen, lost or severely damaged, then you can’t retrieve the important content of your phone. That’s why, Apple has bestowed its user with various options to retain their important information.

Ways To Backup Apple Devices

You can backup iPhone to iCloud and iTunes. But before you choose a method to create your backup, Know how backup with iCloud is different from that of iTunes.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod With iCloud

  • Before you start, make sure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • After connecting to a Wi-Fi network, Go to “Settings” options, > Enter your name > tap iCloud.
  • Now tap on “iCloud Backup” and make sure that the backup is turned on.
  • Tap on “Back Up Now”. Don’t let your Wi-Fi network turn off until the process completes.
  • After following this series of actions, ensure that the backup is finished. NowGo to Settings > Enter your name > iCloud > iCloud Storage > Manage Storage, then select your device.

After you finish, the backup details like backup time and backup size should appear on your device.

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Automatically Back Up With iCloud

  • To make iCloud automatically creating backup for your device on a daily basis, You need to follow these steps-
  • Turn on iCloud Backup in Settings > Enter your name > iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Connect your Apple device to a power source.
  • Now connect it to a wifi network.
  • Ensure that the screen of your device is locked.
  • By Signing-in your iCloud account, you get 5GB of free iCloud storage. To create a backup for your Apple device, make sure that you have enough space in your iCloud. If you want more storage space for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, then you have to pay for it.

Now you will be in a better position to answer the question “how to backup iPhone to iCloud”. Let’s move ahead and see how to create iPhone backup via iTunes.

How To Backup iPhone To Mac

If you are a Mac user, then you can backup iPhone to Mac by the following ways-

  • Backup iPhone on Mac via Syncios iPhone Manager
  • Backup iPhone on Mac via iTunes
  • Backup iPhone on Mac via iOS Data Transfer Tool

Creating A Backup With iTunes

  • Connect your iPod or iPhone to your PC.
  • Now open iTunes.
  • Find Device icon just next to the category dropdown menu and click on it.
  • Now select Summary from the sidebar.
  • Select Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore option.
  • Click Done, after completing the given steps.

If you ever wonder how do I backup my iPhone to my computer then, iTunes is the best way to describe the procedure.

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By these two methods, we can create backup and for our crucial data and information, settings, photos, videos, messages, ringtones, but there are few things that can’t be backed up. The list of the things that can’t be backed up and restored is as follows-

  • You can’t backup media files synced with your computer, but you can restore them using sync with iTunes.
  • TV shows, Apps, books, music that you have downloaded or purchased will be subsequently removed from the App Store and can’t be backed up.

How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup?        

After successfully creating a backup for your Apple devices to the iCloud, you should know how to restore your important data. Creating a backup has no meaning if you don’t know how to restore. Here we go with the easy steps in an attempt to restore your important data and information from iCloud.

  • In the course of a new iOS device, a Setup Assistance will ask you to “Restore from iCloud backup. Choose this option to proceed with restoring your old apps, data, settings and passwords.
  • Enter your iCloud username and password.
  • Now you will get to see the three most recent backup options to choose from.
  • After you choose one your iPhone or iPad will start the process of restoring.

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Enter passwords when prompted. Make sure you don’t obstruct your phone while ongoing progressions. The versions of the restored apps will be the same as you had before the restoring process. In case the older versions don’t exist, then by default, it will restore the latest version.

Hope, with this piece of information, you have developed a fair idea about how to backup iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 to iCloud or computer. But if you still have an unease to perform these steps, or need an expert assistance during the process of creating a backup, then you can contact iCloud customer support number to backup and restore your precious data.

Export Outlook Contacts

Why is it Important to Export contacts from Outlook to CSV/PST?

Your Boss asked you to export all the contacts from your official Outlook account. But, you’re thinking, if it is already saved in your Outlook account, why it is necessary to export the contacts. It will be time-consuming!

However, it is essential to export contacts from Outlook to create a backup.

Nevertheless, there can be multiple of reasons that may require exporting contacts from email to CSV files. Here are some possible reasons that make the users to export contacts.

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Why do we need to export contacts from Outlook?

  • To create a backup of your contact

Even if you lose the authority of the outlook account, you would not lose the contacts, if you have already imported the contacts from your Outlook account earlier and saved in the CSV or PST file format.

  • When you need to switch Email Clients

If you are planning to switch from outlook to other webmail services, but you don’t want to lose your contacts and files stored in your account. In that case, it is better to export the contacts from Outlook to CSV file and save it on your system and further import that saved CSV file in the other webmail service you wish to use.

  • When you need to send invites for any specific event via email

In case, you are organizing any corporate event and you need to prepare an inventory of guests whom you wish to invite, the best way to manage everything is by exporting the contacts from your Outlook mail account and saving it in CSV files.

  • Managing lot of contacts

When it is getting difficult for you to manage contacts saved in your mail, then it is better to export all the contacts from your Outlook account to PST or CSV files.

How to export Contacts from Outlook?

Are you looking for the steps to export Outlook contacts?

You have landed on the right place. Here we will show you, the easy steps to export and use the Outlook address book from every version into many other applications and services.

Easy Steps to import contacts from every version of Outlook into CSV/PST files

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Steps for Outlook 2013 and 2016 to export contacts

  • Open your Outlook account
  • Hit on the file icon on the extreme left corner
  • Scroll down to select Open & Export category.
  • Click on Import/Export.

-Make sure you select “Export to a file” and then click on “next”

– Select the “Outlook Data File PST” and again hit the next button

– Select “contact” from the drop down menu of “Select the folder to export from” and click on next. Further, browse the location to save files and rename the file.

  • Now click “Finish”
  • Now can import the contact saved in the form of PST files in Gmail, Yahoo or another webmail service.

In Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007

  • Open your Outlook account first configured in your desktop
  • Click on the “file” on the upper left corner
  • Then, Click on “contacts

– Make sure the “contact” icon is highlighted in yellow color

  • Then, again click on “File”
  • Scroll down to select Click on “Import and Export”

– Make sure Export you select “Export to file”

  • Click Next
  • Then select “Personal Folder File PST”
  • Make sure the “contacts” is highlighted
  • Click on next

– Use the Browse button to select the location and file name for the exported contacts.

  • Then, Click Next again
  • Now click Finish.

– Now the file ready for importing into any other online application and webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo

– You can now import your Outlook contact


How to export contacts from Outlook 2010?

  • Open your outlook account
  • Then, click on the “file”
  • Further click on “Options”

– Make sure you have selected “Advanced” from the drop down menu

– Select Export button.

  • Then, click on OK.
  • Select the Export to a file option and further click on Next
  • Under Create a file of type menu, choose “Comma Separated Values” option to create a CSV file.
  • Under Save exported file, Click on the Browse button to select the location of the folder.

– Make sure you have renamed the file you are importing

  • Then, click OK.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Further click on “Finish”.

Hope this tutorial would help you to create a backup of your contacts. In case, you find it difficult to carry out this process; then you can get in touch with the experts of Outlook support via their toll-free number anytime around the clock and ask them to do it on your behalf via remote access.

Sync iPhone to iCloud Backup

Now Perform iPhone Sync to iCloud Backup. Much Awaited Suggestions Revealed

iCloud Sync with iPhone and vice-versa has always been quite simple to understand and implement. People looking to sync iPhone contacts and photos to iCloud drive needs to gain knowledge about the process that involves certain steps, which need to be implemented in a proper way. The reason behind is that many events, contacts, and calendars stored on the iPhone, doesn’t get synced properly by the users as most of them are not aware regarding how to Sync iPhone to iCloud backup.

What Kind of Problems People Generally Face While Performing iCloud Sync?

  • iCloud Sync Photos functionality not working up to the mark.
  • Unable to get photos from iCloud to iPhone
  • No idea regarding how to sync iCloud Drive
  • iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud server
  • Users not aware regarding how to get Photos from iCloud to iPhone

Are There Any Effective Steps Regarding How to Sync iPhone to iCloud Backup?

Yes, of course, there are effective steps that can help any Apple iOS device users sync iPhone contacts and events to the iCloud Backup. These below-mentioned seven essential steps regarding how to Sync Apple iPhone Device with iCloud Backup; can help you save important contacts, messages and the event details on iCloud server that can be accessed from every device at any point of time.

  • Unlock your iPhone device and navigate to the home screen for tapping on ‘settings’ App or icon.There is a possibility that the setting app can be found in some other location of the device as per the changes made as per your comfortability.
  • The iCloud option is found in the list of options encapsulated in ‘Settings’ App.
  • Tap on the iCloud option and enter the authentic Apple ID along with the password. Press sign-in upon entering the login credentials.
  • Now data merging is required to sync iPhone device data with the iCloud Backup. The Sync option will automatically appear as two options appear on the screen with Merge or Don’t Merge. Merging data actually means that the data or content saved in the form of (contacts, calendar events, and bookmarks) saved in the iCloud and iPhone device will exchange information. For example, if there is only one contact saved in iPhone device and 4 contacts saved in iCloud Backup, then both of them will have 5 contacts upon selecting data merge option.

In case, No Merge option is tapped; the user will end up losing one contact from the iPhone device as it has been replaced by the same, already saved on the iCloud drive. Now, there will be total 4 contacts saved on an iCloud device with no contacts saved on the iOS device. Therefore, it is always recommended to tap on Merge for the successful sync between iCloud Drive and iOS device.

  • Now look to set up your location preference with the message prompted on the iPhone device screen to press either OK or don’t allow when it comes to using the location of your iOS device. If a user select OK option, Find my iPhone feature will get enabled that help you gain access to any iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) or any computer device (with or without Mac OS X installed on it) and then perform actions like locate.lock, remote wipe as well as send IM to your iPhone device. It is highly recommended to enable this feature while transferring data or media files from the iCloud to iOS device as doing this can help you in quick transmission of data.
  • Now it’s high time to setup and configure email account for syncing important notes. The iOS device will automatically start syncing the content saved in the iCloud But, it is recommended not to turn on Sync notes feature unless the Apple id is created by or account. If you still want to sync notes and your Apple id is not created with any of these above-mentioned accounts, the most feasible method is to enable the Sync Notes option and you will be prompted to create a account.
  • Backup your Data: iCloud drive provides you the option to maintain the backup of data by getting it synced with the iPhone device in order to save the internal space of the device as well as prevent the contacts and other essential information from getting misplaced in case the device is lost or misplaced. The images, text messages as well as contacts can remain intact in ICloud drive and can be transferred back to any of your iOS device such as iPad or iPod without any hassle.

In order to avail this feature, unlock your existing iOS device and look for the iCloud settings in which the storage and backup option are available. As the iCloud backup option is disabled, it’s recommended to turn it on.

Sometimes, people are encountered with troublesome issues; when they attempt to transfer iCloud Sync Contacts and photos to iPhone device. They also face troubles like iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud.  In order to fix these kinds of vigorous issues, customer service experts are available on the phone lines linked with official Apple iCloud helpline number.

Unlock iCloud account

Get Your Apple iCloud Account Unlocked at Ease!! Effective Ways Revealed

Are you really thinking to unlock iCloud account on a sudden basis as it is delaying a lot to get essential tasks completed on time? Is using iCloud lock removal tool the only option left to get the iOS device unleashed from the security code in minutes?

With happiness getting unleashed on your face if someone closer to you; gifted a second-hand iPhone device, has vanished to sudden sorrow or grief signs with the locked iCloud account, it can be a tough task to get the things settled in your favor. The iPhone owner prior to you has an exclusive authority to get iPhone device locked to the iCloud account. Without unlocking the iCloud account, you will not be able to login into the Apple iOS device even though a huge amount has been paid to purchase iPhone 6 or the previous versions of smartphone device, manufactured by Apple Inc.

As you might be getting prompts to enter iCloud login details of the previous owner to get access of iPhone device, it can be an annoying scenario for you as it is really not possible to find out the previous user.

“Had the iCloud lock gotten unleashed easily, if the previous user was your friend or the known one. But the probability of getting iPhone 6 iCloud unlock password, would have been quite low during that scenario as well because no one even well-known to you, would be a bigger fool that he/she be divulging the iCloud account password for helping you gain access to iPhone device at ease.”

The only way left for you is to remove the iCloud lock on a sudden basis that can only be possible through iPhone iCloud unlock software. With several other options available to unlock iCloud on iPhone 6, you need to opt for the best one to get iPhone device unleashed successfully.  Doing this, the iOS device is set free from the shackles of previous iCloud account owner

How to Download and install iPhone iCloud Unlocker Tool?

Certain steps need to be implemented; when it comes to downloading and installing the iCloud unlock tool for using the iPhone 6 devices freely, without any kind of annoying interruptions.

  • Quick Solution to Unlock iCloud on iPhone 6

    • Unlock your iPhone Device and Go to Settings Option
    • Navigate to Wi-Fi and then click on “ i”  icon next to your Wi-Fi network with which you want to get connected.
    • Once the properties are displayed in the DNS setting, remove the existing settings and enter the new details according to your locations
      • USA:
      • Europe:
      • Asia:
      • Other Areas:
    • Tap again and go to activation help for bypassing iCloud lock code.Once you get it activated, the message is delivered “You have been successfully connected to my server”. It means that you have all rights to unlock iCloud locked code.

Before implementing these steps, you should be well aware that this above-mentioned process is a quick solution that can help to unlock iCloud iPhone 6. But it is not a permanent solution as previous iPhone device owner, can anytime wipe out your iOS device without any intimation just by entering iCloud login details. After that, this device is no more of use. It is always suggested to opt for a permanent solution on an immediate basis after unlocking iCloud locked iPhone 6 device using quick solutions and keep accessing the iPhone device without any hurdle.

  • Permanent Solution to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone 6 Device

After implementing the quick solution,  you will get accessibility of iPhone device by getting iCloud account unlocked.

    • Go to Menu >> Applications >> Crash. The iPhone will get reboot
    • Now opt for a specific language and country as per your geographical location
    • Once it is done, Go to the Wi-Fi settings and Tap on “i” Icon seen alongside the relevant network.
    • Now scroll down and tap again on the Menu under HTTP proxy.
    • Within the server, you will find 30 emoji icons.
    • There you find the port zone in which 15-30 characters are supposed to get listed
    • The language and country selection, along with Unlock screen keep appearing again and again. Keep sliding the unlock screen and tap on the language option until you are able to access the Home screen.

Note: By following this permanent solution to unlock iCloud iPhone lock, you can keep using the iPhone device normally. Please be aware of the thing that process of unlocking the iCloud account on iPhone 6 device far from ideal. The process of iCloud activation unlock, needs to be implemented again and again; whenever you try to make a call or access to the App like FaceTime.

  • Simple and Fast Solution to Unlock iCloud Online for Free

A simple, fast and effective method to unlock iCloud iPhone locked device online for free is to use OfficialPhoneUnlock, which is the elegant software to unlock iCloud iPhone Lock. It is a temporary process and help you access iPhone device for a particular time period until the previous account holder login into his/her iCloud account and disables the device permanently. The other software available online to bypass the functionality of the iOS device is OfficialiPhoneUnlock. As it is the quickest method to unlock, it is permanent and does no damage to the iPhone. Using this, there is no need to enter iCloud account login details.

Compatibility of Online iCloud Unlock Software (OfficialiPhoneUnlock) with Different Models of iPhone Device

OfficialiPhoneUnlock software can unlock different models of iOS device such as 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 10, iPhone 7, 6S+, 6S, SE, 6+, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5 and iOS 4 on all modem firmware.

Features of Official iPhone Unlock Software Revealed

  • Offer assistance in iCloud Unlock iPhone on a permanent basis.
  • Perform automatic carrier checking on an instant basis so that user does not purchase wrong unlock solution.
  • iCloud unlock on iPhone device work regardless of bootloader, baseband, and firmware version.

Still, in case, you are facing problems with iCloud unlocking on any of your iOS device, then it’s always suggested to contact tech support experts dialing iCloud customer service toll-free number to get much-needed assistance during the hour of need.

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